Use Rexx ZSTART to start multiple split screens at startup...

File uploaded by Eoin Employee on Oct 9, 2014
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Have you ever found that when you use ISPF that you find your self setting up a bunch of split screens just the way you like, only to get timed out and have to do it all again?


Well IBM made it easy now to set a bunch of command to execute automatically when you start ISPF - have a look at this sample Rexx (ZSTART.bin) to see how easy it is.


To use the file you will have to upload it as binary and copy it to your clist or sysexec file.  Then while in ISPF issue a command like TSO EXEC 'my.clist(ZSTART)' to invoke it...

You may need to adjust it to have the correct navigation/options at your site, but I like to have a regular primary menu, a split screen each with ISPF 3.4 (DSList) and Endevor QuickEdit running... (see screen shot)After ZSTart.png