Free policy extension for suppressing Spectrum symptom alerts

Document created by Lutz_Holzbecher Champion on Oct 14, 2014
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The SOI console displays both “Root Cause” and “Symptom” alerts in the device context.  This behavior is different from Spectrum where only Root Cause alarms are displayed. This posting provides a Spectrum connector policy extension that exempts symptom alerts and then describes how to filter them out.  Please note that exempted alerts are excluded from the service impact calculation.


Software Requirements:

  • SOI 3.2 or later
  • Spectrum 9.2.3 H12 or later
  • Spectrum Connector, or later

Installing the Extension policy:

  1. On the system running the Spectrum Connector, download and copy the attached file (spectrumim_policy.exemptsymptom.xml) to \CA\SOI\resources\Core\Catalogpolicy\extensions
  2. Stop and restart the Spectrum Connector
  3. New or re-published symptom alerts will still be displayed in SOI console, but they are now exempted and displayed dimmed


Instructions for filtering exempted alerts:

  • In the SOI Console, define an alert filter on attribute as : “Is Exempt Equal to No”
    • Symptom alerts will no longer display in the device context
    • If the Root Cause Analysis Setting on the Administration / Global Settings page is NOT set to CA SOI, they will display in context of the root cause alert under Symptoms

Additional information:

Root Cause and Symptom alarms from Spectrum are marked by Spectrum Connector with
AlertDiagnosis=RootCause | Symptom


These alarm properties can be verified in the connector/IFW debug file \CA\SOI\log\debugData\CA_00005_Spectrum<connectorHost>_ALERT_PUB.txt if debugging is enabled. Please see the article

How to Track Alerts from CA Spectrum to CA SOI Using Debug Logs for more information.

In SOI Console Alert View, the columns MDR RootCause and MDR Symptom are set accordingly.


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