Percentile report for group using ehealth

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In order to get the percentile report for group of elements in ehealth you need to follow below steps sequentially.

Step 1: Service profile creation for percentile

Step 2: Report template creation

Step 3: Generating percentile report using Service Level report

Below are the detailed steps.

1. Service profile creation for percentile

Below steps need to follow to create the service profile

· Log on to ehealth Oneclick

· Expand Task and Information tab

· Go to Report Management

· Right click on “Service Profiles“  then “New Service Profile”

· Give the Service Profile Name

· In data Filter select the Data as per your requirement.

Ex: if you want report for 24 hours and all 7 days you need to select “All Day”.

If you need only for business hours and want to exclude weekends then select “Include” and give the time for which you want the report for the day and Uncheck the days which you wants to exclude.

· In Data Direction select the variable as per your requirement (I have selected Total)

· In “Service Setting” select LAN/WAN in Show dropdown list and then select “Service Level Percentiles“ next to it.

· It will list out all supported variables for LAN/WAN technology below

Note that Default values for all variables are 100 and unit is in %

· Double click on the variable for which you want 95th percentile and give the value 95 and click OK. I have done it for Bandwidth as shown below.

Note that you can do it for multiple variables depending on your requirement

· Then click on Apply and OK

Now Service profile is ready for 95th percentile

2. Report template creation

Once you done with Service profile creation you need create the report template. Follow below steps to create Report Template.

· Expand Task and Information tab

· Go to Report Management

· Then click on “Report Templates“

· Select “Service” tab.

· Right click on any of the Service template and “Copy Report Template”

· Give the name and description

· Select “itManagerReport” from “Definition File” dropdown list.

· Select “Service Profile” name from the dropdown list which you have created in previous step.

· Click on Apply and then OK

Now your Report template is ready and it will show under “Service Level” report of web console.

3. Generating percentile report using Service Level report

· Login to the web console of ehealth

· Go to Run Reports then Service level report.

· Select the template which you created in previous step

· Select “Group” and select LAN/WAN technology

· It will list out the groups which you have already created in Oneclick

· Select the group name for which you want to generate the report.

· Expand “More Options”

· Under “General” tab select as per below snapshot

· Click on Table and select the variable for which you want the report (I have selected Bandwidth Util Pctl)

Note that in table each and every variables have percentile variables that end with “Pctl” that is the variable for percentile report.

· Select the time range and generate the report.

You can cross verify the values by generating the Trend Summary statistic report.