Tech Tip: NFA 9.2.1 Flow Cloner Supports Different Destination Port

Document created by Christopher_Walsh Employee on Oct 16, 2014
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NFA 9.2.1 introduces some enhancements to the Flow Cloner.


The Flow Cloner now supports an additional configuration option, which enables you to specify the destination port separately from the listening port.

You can use the following tokens to specify the ports:


■ /port -- Port that the Harvester uses to listen for the original incoming flows


■ /dest port -- Port that the destination hosts use to listen for the cloned flows


If you do not specify values for the /port or /dest port tokens, UDP 9995 is used by default.


**Note that you can only forward flows to one destination port even if you have multiple destinations that flows will be forwarded to.


For instructions on how to setup the Flow Cloner see the NFA Admin guide or the tech tip below:

NFA 9.1.3 Setup Flow Cloner