Tech Tip: NFA 9.3.0 Upgrade Path

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**With the release of 9.3.1 please follow the new 9.3.1. Upgrade Path doc Tech Tip: NFA 9.3.3 Upgrade Path**


In order to upgrade to NFA 9.3.0 you must be on Windows 2008 R2 and you must be at NFA 9.2.1.


  • If you are currently on Windows 2008 R2 and RA 9.0.161 you will need to follow the migration path below:


1) Before starting any upgrade, regardless of what version you are running, you MUST make backups of all of your Databases on the RA Console, Harvester, and DSA.

Pages 158-164 of the NFA 9.3 Admin Guide has steps on how to back your your databases for each server.


2) Upgrade from 9.0.161 to 9.1.3 following the NFA 9.1.3 Upgrade Guide.


3) Once the upgrade to NFA 9.1.3 completes, there is a period of time where your historical data will be migrated to the new database format.


You need to wait for this historical data migration to complete on each of your DSA's before proceeding with the upgrades to 9.2.


To verify that your Historical Data migration completed you can run the following command on your DSA's:


    mysql -P3308 -D nqrptr -t -e "select from_unixtime(value) from settings where name='migrationCompletedTime';"


If this query returns a time, it means the historical migration completed and you can upgrade to NFA 9.2.0.


4) Upgrade from 9.1.3 to 9.2.0 following the NFA 9.2.0 Upgrade Guide.


5) Upgrade from 9.2.0 to 9.2.1 following the NFA 9.2.1 Upgrade Guide.


6) Upgrade from 9.2.1 to 9.3.0 following the NFA 9.3.0 Upgrade Guide and the Release Notes.


**Note** If you have NPC installed on the same server as NFA, you will need to migrate NPC to a new server before upgrading to NFA 9.3.0 using this document:

Tech Tip: NFA 9.3 Upgrade Tip - How to Migrate Netqos Performance Center(NPC) to a New Server


**Note** Upgrading to NFA 9.3.0 will require an upgrade of MySql to version 5.6.  This may add additional time to your upgrade since all of your databases will be backed up while the upgrade runs.  This will also require additional free space during the upgrade to ensure there is enough room to backup your databases as noted in this document:  Tech Tip: NFA New Mysql version 5.6 pre-upgrade considerations


  • If you are still running Windows 2003, 9.1.4 will be the latest version in which you can upgrade to.


You can upgrade from 9.0.161 to NFA 9.1.4, following the same upgrade instructions outlined in the NFA 9.1.3 Upgrade Guide.(There is no upgrade guide for 9.1.4 as it was a minor release)


Also note, there is no upgrade path from 9.1.4 to 9.2.x or 9.3.0 at this time.


**Update, with the release of NFA 9.3.1 please follow the new upgrade path documented here Tech Tip: NFA 9.3.3 Upgrade Path