Tech tips: NFA 9.2.1 New Device Based Licensing Display

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NFA 9.2.1 introduces a new License Monitoring view in the "About" screen which is based off of the Device based licensing model as opposed to the old interface based model.


The information is displayed next to the following labels:

■ Licensed Devices in Use

■ License Utilization




You can review this information to see whether you are close to using all of your licenses.

The calculation for license utilization is based on the Licensed Devices value on the Application Settings page.

This new setting is used only for this calculation.

The License Utilization percentage is accurate only if the Licensed Devices value is accurate. Changing the Licensed Devices value does not increase or decrease the number of available licenses.




Note: To calculate the number of licenses that each device uses, you can use the following formula. Divide the number of active* interfaces by 5 and round up to the next whole number. See the following examples:

■ 1 device that has 5 active interfaces consumes 1 license

■ 1 device that has 6 active interfaces consumes 2 licenses

■ 2 devices that each have 1 active interface consume 2 licenses between them

If you need help determining the number of licenses you have, consult your CA representative.

* In this context, an active interface is one that has exported data to the product and the data is still stored. If an interface has exported data, its records continue to be stored unless you delete it permanently from the Available Interfaces page. Active interfaces are shown on the Available Interfaces page with a License value of 'Yes.'


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