Tech Tip: Device reconciliation in Data Aggregator

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There are times when a device in a network is retired or decommissioned.


Often times the IP address that the retired or decommissioned device used is issued to a new device in the network.


That new device may or may not necessarily be the direct replacement for the old retired or decommissioned device.


When that activity transpires for a device being managed by the Data Aggregator (DA), how does the Data Aggregator handle this reconciliation?


At this time as of the current IM CA Performance Center (CAPC) and DA release 2.3.4, there is no device level retirement in the product.


Without an ability to specifically retire an existing device and its associated IP address, in order to discover a new device using that same IP address, there is no simple method of replacing the device.


Depending on the sequence of events, one of these things will transpire in the system:


  1. If you run an Inventory Discovery via a DA based Discovery Profile, you likely get a duplicate device created in the DA if the SysName or Hostname of the new device differs from the original one known to the DA with that same IP address. CAPC will reconcile the two DA devices to one so most likely you never see new data in reports as the new device item is reconciled away by CAPC even though it exists in the DA.
  2. If you don't run a discovery, and the existing device is named with its host name, within 12 hours the name of the device item in the DA will update, then CAPC will update according to that change. Gradually each Metric Family (MF), through its scheduled Change Detection rate launches, will correct its monitored items.
  3. If you don't run a discovery, and the existing device is named with its SysName value from the MIB data for the device, the DA and CAPC systems will both keep the old device name, but through Change Detection eventually the component element items will be correct for the new device.


As we can see, things will transpire in the DA and CAPC after the device is replaced to update them. But the overall scenario is not really supported at this time so the results seen may be erratic.


If this is something that you wish considered for inclusion as a new feature in future releases of the product, please do submit an Idea posting here in the Infrastructure Management Communities pages.

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