Tech Tip  : Policy Distribution and agent registration issue's  Part 2

Document created by DirkBleyenberg Employee on Oct 29, 2014
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A common problem is that the systemedge agent does not get registered or default  policy are not send  to the agent succesfully .
A regular cause is either name resolution problems or routers which drop the larger cam udp package to solve this verify if camping works with a larger package size .

Finding the Correct Fragment Size:

•Open the command prompt and execute the following command:

◦camping -s <packet Size> <Machine Name>
Example: camping -s 64 TEST

•Continue to increase the 'packet size' value to check upto what value camping works.
NOTE: The Packet Size value should be multiple of the previous value. i.e., 64, 128, 256... etc
The default is 8397 bytes so try up to 10240 


When this fails you have to set the cam fragment_size of the vaim domain and distribution servers
and limit the max fragment size to one which matches your enviroment .
to do this .


Configuring CAM to use the correct Fragment Size:

1.Open cam.cfg under %CAI_MSQ%

2.Add the following entry in the file

◦fragment_size = <Packet Size Value> under *CONFIG

3.Save the configuration file

4.Recycle the CAM services


Cam start