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Document created by ashbyatx Employee on Oct 29, 2014
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An updated version (v57) of the CA Capacity Management NMON adapter which expands the collected metrics used when reporting for AIX systems is now available for download from this community posting.  The additional metrics collected are:


  1. GBL_LS_VIRT_CPU_UTIL - Provides CPU usage calculations relative to LPAR entitlement (Physical Consumption/vCPUs) . 
  2. GBL_LS_VIRT_MEM_UTIL - Provides Computational Memory Usage (memory usage less FS Cache and Free Memory) relative to LPAR entitlement.  
  3. FS_CACHE_PERC - Reports File System Cache (%)    
  4. MEM_PROCESS_PERC - Reports Process Memory Usage (%)
  5. MEM_SYSTEM_PERC - Reports System Memory Usage (%) 
  6. Pool ID - Provides associated Pool ID’s for all LPARs.
  7. Improved Memory Utilization Calculations - GBL_LS_VIRT_CPU_UTIL and GBL_LS_VIRT_MEM_UTIL……and GBL_LS_VIRT_MEM_UTIL no longer include FSCACHE! This makes a huge difference in the reported memory values due to the manner in which AIX reports memory usage.


Software Requirements:

  • DM/CCC 2.4 and above
  • CCR 1.5

Installation Instructions:

Download and unzip and follow the simple installation instructions in NMON_57_readme.txt

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