CA 2E R8.7 General Availability

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October 29, 2014


To:          CA 2E Customers

From:     The CA Technologies CA 2E Product Team

Subject:  General Availability Announcement for CA 2E


On behalf of CA Technologies, we appreciate your business and the opportunity to provide you with high-quality, innovative software and services.  As part of our ongoing commitment to customer success, we regularly release updated versions of our products. Today, we are pleased to announce that CA 2E R8.7 is now available.


New features for CA 2E R8.7 include:


Action Diagram Call Prompt Using an External name

The ability to insert a function call in the Action Diagram by specifying the external or program member name.


Allow SQL Record Level Access

When generating SQL database files, you have the option to include the RCDFMT keyword, so that the SQL database files can be accessed using RLA (Record Level Access).


Allow RLA Access over DDL Database

You have the option to convert your existing DDS database to a DDL database and to continue to use RLA functions that were built using the DDS database without regenerating and recompiling them.


Allow SQL/DDL Generation without hard-coded schema name

When generating SQL/DDL database files, you now have the option to generate SQL/DDL database objects which do not contain a hard-coded schema name.


Allow LVLCHK(*YES) for SQL/DDL indexes having RCDFMT keyword

When creating SQL/DDL database files with the RCDFMT keyword in CA 2E, you can now create all SQL/DDL artifacts with LVLCHK(*YES).


Command Key Processing (Mouse-click and Key-press)

The CA 2E Web Option provides access to command keys on the browser interface using mouse-clicks and pressing keys on the keyboard across the listed browsers.


Device User Source Substitution Variables

A set of additional substitution variables that can be applied to a Data Description Specification (DDS) user source.


Meaningful Names for SQL/DDL

You can now create SQL or DDL database with meaningful names, instead of the implementation or truncated model names.


Refresh Action Diagram Statements

You can refresh Action Diagram statements when opening an Action Diagram, rather than having to zoom in on individual Call statements to see the refreshed details on that call.


Select/Omit in DDL Index

When you regenerate the existing database as a DDL database, the select/omit criteria gets generated into the DDL index as a WHERE clause. Any existing RLA function that uses the DDL database, can now access the same records that the RLA function has accessed over the DDS database.


Suppress Display of NLL Parameters

You can suppress the display of NLL parameters.


Trigger Error Processing if no Control Data

The Trigger Router has been enhanced to handle the situation where a trigger exists on a database file which has the CA 2E Trigger Router YTRIGGER specified as the trigger program, but where no records exist in the Trigger Control file for the specified trigger event.


YCPYMDLOBJ New Override Target Model Locks Parameter

You can copy an object where there is a user-defined permanent lock on the 'to' object.


YCVTSPLF Flexibility

You can use YCVTSPLF on a computer that does not have CA 2E or CA 2E Toolkit installed or licensed on that computer, so that the YCVTSPLF functionality can be used in 2E generated applications at runtime.


Option to Generate RLA against DDL

You have the option to generate (and regenerate) the functions with the same RLA code that is generated against a DDS database even after switching from DDS to DDL database.


F7=Auxiliaries in the DDL Implementation

Auxiliaries are not applicable for DDL type file as Views are not created for DDL type file and only Index with the same name as the source member name is created. F7=Auxiliaries is not applicable for the DDL implementation.


Support CM Promotion of DDL Objects (Not Switched from DDS)

CA 2E and CM now allow you to promote DDL-based objects.


Support CM promotion of DDL objects (DDS to DDL Conversion)

CA 2E and CM now allow you to check out *DDS PFs / LFs, convert them to *DDL tables / indexes and promote the new *DDL objects to Production.


We also encourage you to visit the CA 2E product information page on the CA Support Online website at for more information.


You can download your copy of CA 2E from CA Support Online If you have any questions or require assistance contact CA Customer Care online at where you can submit an online request using the Customer Care web form: You can also call CA Customer Care at +1-800-225-5224 in North America or see for the local number in your country.


Should you need any assistance in understanding these new features, or implementing this latest release, our CA Services experts can help.  For more information on CA Services and how you can leverage our expertise, please visit   To connect, learn and share with other customers, join and participate in our CA 2E CA Community at


To review CA Support lifecycle policies, please review the CA Support Policy and Terms located at:

Thank you again for your business.