Win an "iPad mini" by participating in Communities. * * * ENDS SOON! ! ! * * *

Document created by Kyle_R Employee on Nov 4, 2014
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Hello Everyone,


By  now you should have seen the announcements on your chance to win in the Communities Decathlon,  and the Announcement here in the Service Management Community.


There are some great prizes here (iPad mini or Jawbone wristband), and all you have to do is stretch a little to take some extra actions in the Communities.


It's not that hard (honest), and the good news is that the Decathlon hits areas that are all useful to know about in their own right.

I promise that some of these skills will help you get better use out of the Communities later.


Now, I'm going to be partisan in this case. I spend most of my time here in the CA Service Management Community, and it would be really great if we could have a winner from our ranks. Or even better, if most of the winners came from here.



So here's my special offer to Service Management Community  participants. Ssshhhh! 


If you're a fraction short, on the one item on the list that is not entirely within your control ("Receive 5 Likes"), then:

  • Send me a private Discussion
  • With the links to the Discussions that you think are worth Liking which is in the CA Service Management space.
  • You must have the other nine Decathlon items "ticked off" already.


and I'll add my vote to them. Simple as that.


Obviously, I expect there to be a Discussion there worth Liking, such as a reply to a thread and not just "This is a Discussion to win the Decathalon", but honestly, that shouldn't be that hard to hit.


Make sure that you read the Decathlon thread above, as it contains the latest conditions and comments. For example, you no longer need "5 Correct Answers" but instead need to receive "5 Likes."


Please post to the Decathlon thread if you need help working out how to hit a particular target.


I don't know if I have the strength of character to pass on the iPad mini prize if I were to win it, and make it available instead to a non-CA Communities member (Which would be the honourable thing to do, I know. It will be an internal struggle that I will likely lose.). So your best course is to get in there and be eligible yourself outright.

Now, go for it! Good luck!

Closes Thursday 6th November, 2014.

Thanks, Kyle_R.