Have an Idea for a Fieldpack?

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Do you have an idea for a fieldpack?


Are you too busy to write it yourself or perhaps you just need someone else's help to get it going?


Share it!


Submit your ideas for new fieldpacks to the APM-Dev community's Ideation site.  If you have a bug or problem with a fieldpack that already exists and is hosted on GitHub, please use the "Issues" page (problem tracker) on the GitHub project to report.


REMEMBER: Ideas and enhancement requests for the core CA APM product suite belong in the main APM community.  Only ideas that are to be built and supported by the community should be submitted here in APM-Dev.


Vote for ideas to push them up the priority list.  The APM-Dev steering committee will periodically review ideas and solicit help to get them going.  But there's no need to wait until then.  If you happen to be the innovative type who is always looking for an idea to tinker with, check out the list and take your pick of something to start working on.