How to publish content in CA Communities

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How to publish content in the CA Communities
a. Via communities UI:
b. Via email

Via communities UI
1. Go to
2. Login with your credentials.
3. Click on the pencil on the top right of the screen and select the type of content to create: “Idea”, “Document”…

4. Add a title for the content to post. Preferred format: <Product>-<Component>-<description>.
(e.g.: “CA Visual Infrastructure – Project Wizard – Enable admin user to edit/delete tasks of a project”).

5. Add a description of the post:
- Include screenshots and try to be as clear as possible.
- If the post is an Idea, explain how this idea can add value to the product.

6. Click on the radio button “In a Place” to post the content in a specific place (e.g. Infrastructure Manager, DCIM…)

7. Specify relevant Tags that describe the post (separated by commas).

8. Specify the associated category (e.g. “CA DCIM).

9. Click on Publish.

Via email:

1. Identify the email address associated to the relevant community. Go to, select a community and click on “Actions”.

2. Select “Create via email” and specify the kind of content to be created: Document, Discussion or Idea.

3. Click on “Email vCards”. The email address to create the selected content will be sent via vCard to the user logged in the communities. Each content type will have a separate vCard.
Save the vCard to the Outlook address book and use that address moving forward to create different types of content within that community.

4. The subject of the email must be the title of the content to be posted. Preferred format: <Product>-<Component>-<idea>.

5. The body of the email should contain the desired content.
Avoid screenshots, attachments and use minimal signature.

6. Add “Tags” to the content with the desired product name and relevant keywords to make this content searchable. To add tags, add this line in the last line of the email:
Tags: tag1here tag2here tag3here

7. The classification of the content within a category must be done from the UI.