Release Automation KB: Can old releases be deleted?

Document created by JamesPanetti Employee on Nov 25, 2014
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Is it possible to delete releases that were executed in the past, such as, for example, for purging old releases that are no longer used?





By standard, "out of the box" means, no, this is not possible, because Release Automation was not designed to ever delete releases that have already been successfully executed.


With that understood, however, an advanced user may implement a workaround method to accomplish this:


  1. Login to ROC.
  2. Find the release ID from the browser URL.
  3. Go to the following address to access the JMX console: http://{NAC}:20203/mbean?objectname=releasecenter%3Atype%3DInfo (replace {NAC} with the IP address of your RA server).
  4. The username and password are "nolio". (Note: This is not sensitive security information, as it is a generic, default login for JMX access.)
  5. Once logged into JMX, enter the Release ID in the removeRelease field, then click Invoke. The release will be permanently removed.


NOTE: Please only handle JMX if you are absolutely sure what you are doing, as these changes cannot be undone (unless via a database backup).