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I have updated the ObsHtmlPortlet to:


                Remove the SQL recursion (should now work on both Oracle and MSSQL).

                Added drop down boxes to select different OBS types and tree layout.

                Added waitUntil function for long running queries (large OBS structures).


ScreenHunter_99 Nov. 26 08.44.png

ScreenHunter_98 Nov. 26 08.44.png



In the html file one needs to update the following line to the query id to the name of the query saved in CA PPM.


  var queryCode = "ObsPortletGraph"; //Change this to the id of the nsql for obs


If you have access to an older browser (one that allows cross domain scripting e.g. IE9) you can test this directly.  Just modify the xml request inside the runQueryCode function to use name and password and comment out the sessionCookie line.


'<quer:Auth>' +

'<quer:Username>admin<\/quer:Username>' +

'<quer:Password>password<\/quer:Password>' +

//'<quer:SessionID>' + sessionCookie + '<\/quer:SessionID>' +

'<\/quer:Auth>' +


Then set the endpoint variable to your you instance of CA PPM.


        // Debug in Stand-alone using your server


        endpoint = "https://cppm.ondemand.ca.com/niku/xog";


Again, this will only work in a browser that either allows cross-domain scripting or one that you can override (maybe chrome).