Tech Tip : eHealth 6.3.2 Installation Failure on Windows

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Issue :-


While installing eHealth 6.3.2 with Oracle 11g on Windows 2008 R2?


Error :-


eHealth installation log shows :-


@@@ 13:06:13 Launching OOB installer... done.


*** Setup exited due to fatal error

*** Oracle update installation failed. Check D:\eHealth63\log\install\<Today><Now>-ORAU<Version>.log for detailed information.


*** Error information may be found in the log file:

***   D:\eHealth63\log\install\instehealth.log


*** The installation was not successful.  Please correct the problem and run setup again.


*** Setup is aborting at 8-10-2014 13:06:23

*** The installation was NOT completed.


The above indicates a problem with the Oracle software installation.


If you go the Oracle install log location in C:\Program Files (x86)\Oracle\Inventory\logs you see an error in

the most recent installActions<date_time>.log like this one:


INFO: Verification Result for Node:<hostname>

WARNING: Result values are not available for this verification task

INFO: Error Message:PRKN-1019 : Failed to create directory "C:\Users\ehealth\AppData\Local\Temp\\oraremservice\" on node "<hostname>", Error: "0|The network name cannot be found." .




INFO: -----------------------------------------------

INFO: Verification Result for Node:NECAE01P

WARNING: Result values are not available for this verification task

INFO: Error Message:PRVF-4001 : Check: Space available on "C:\Users\ehealth\AppData\Local\Temp"

INFO: Cause: Could not determine mount point for location specified.

INFO: Action: Ensure location specified is available.


With this at the end:


SEVERE: [FATAL] [INS-13013] Target environment do not meet some mandatory requirements.

   CAUSE: Some of the mandatory prerequisites are not met. See logs for details. C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs\installActions2014-08-10_05-15-32PM.log

   ACTION: Identify the list of failed prerequisite checks from the log: C:\Program Files\Oracle\Inventory\logs\installActions2014-08-10_05-15-32PM.log. Then either from the log file or from installation manual find the appropriate configuration to meet the prerequisites and fix it manually.

INFO: Advice is ABORT

INFO: Adding ExitStatus INVALID_USER_INPUT to the exit status set

INFO: Completed validating state <performChecks>

INFO: Terminating all background operations

INFO: Terminated all background operations

INFO: Finding the most appropriate exit status for the current application

INFO: Exit Status is -3

INFO: Shutdown Oracle Database 11g Release 2 Installer

INFO: Unloading Setup Driver


Another symptom may be that the install creates an empty Oracle folder


Solution :-


This happens because the admin shares are not set. Here is Oracle recommendation:



1. Enable default admin share for C$

2. Enable following parameter in registry key:


Parameter: AutoShareServer

   Set this value to “1″

3. Retry the installation


The Oracle bug number is bug 13464164 if you need it for reference.


Note :- Before Making any changes to the Registry please take a backup of the registry.