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This document shows all of the wonderful things we've added to VAPI and some of the 'orrible things we've fixed. The latest version in production is shown at the top of the list.


10th July 2015 - VAPI

We have added two new, significant early stage features.


New: Datasets. Create tables of data values and then reference the columns as properties in your API responses. Subsequent responses can cycle through the rows in the table either sequentially or randomly giving even more realistic API behavior.

New: API Designer! If you’re starting your API design work from scratch then API Designer will give you a huge boost. Define resources and resource hierarchies, select supported HTTP verbs then virtualize and you are done. A full functioning virtual API in minutes. It's early stage, have a play, tell us what you think right here on the community.


BugFix: Horizontal splitter on API designer no longer gets stuck on low res screens

BugFix: Random mode dataset access no returns correct data.



19th June 2015 - VAPI


New: Private API feature. You can now mark your API as private. If you do this it will not be displayed in the public browse list and users of your API will have to use an API key, which we provide to you in the UI and you share with your colleagues, friends, family, pets etc.


New: Editor Layout switching. Using our editor on a widescreen monitor was a little awkward because the request and response panes were vertically stacked, now you can switch between vertical and horizontal layout (side-by-side).


Update: We’ve removed puppy of the day and cat of the day. It seems puppies and cats are dangerous according to our security team (especially if they are served up from unverified websites). We tried saying things like “but look at their little faces”, “aren’t they cute” and “think of the children”, but all to no avail.


Update: Backend Virtual Services are now cleaned up when not used for a while.



9th June 2015 - VAPI


  • New: Recent Traffic. You can now analyse recent traffic that has hit your API. Useful for debugging. Maybe your client isn’t behaving or your Virtual API definition needs some tweaking.
  • New: Multi Github import scan. There is now a button on the homepage that will scan all of your public GitHub repositories and automatically import any RAML or Swagger specifications then create virtual APIs from them. All from a single click!
  • New: Added tracking of communities articles called from the homepage
  • New: Added extra featured articles to communities and made them easier to maintain.


  • Update: We’ve removed “vapi” from all API URLs making them shorter and easier to use.
  • Update: Allowing regex search when browsing APIs was overkill and sometimes annoying so we now keep it simple with plain text search.
  • Update: Importing APIs from public repos does not now require any extra GitHub settings or permissions.
  • Update: Removed border around home page tiles, it looks nicer.
  • Update: Minor changes to page footer links.
  • Update: Modified all the internal VAPI REST API paths to adhere to our REST API Standard. We’ll sort out the JSON data in a subsequent release. Note this is out own internal API, no need to worry about your own virtual APIs, no change there.


  • Bugfix: multibyte UTF-8 chars (e.g. Chinese) are now handled correctly in API Description and Documentation.
  • Bugfix: create from rr pairs/select import github --> manual option radio button text changes to “load from local file”.
  • Bugfix: communities: fixed json format problem, fixed a problem in which bad results from the server can be cached, some code refactoring.
  • Bugfix: Disabled auto-logout - moving to a github page for any reason will log out!
  • Bugfix: create from rr pairs/select import github --> manual option radio button text changes to “load from local file”.
  • Bugfix: make all page header icons consistent with the new homepage
  • Bugfix: Homepage now correctly lays out tiles on different browsers.


7th May 2015 - version


  • New: Homepage redesign. You now see big easy to use tiles which take you directly to VAPI functionality. We moved the Home icon up to the top left corner and completely got rid of the left hand side navigation panel to give you more screen real estate for working with your virtual API. We also added some feeds direct from our CA Communities to the right hand side. (Oh and if you enable them in Settings piccies for “Cat of the Day” and “Puppy of the Day” just to make you go aaarrrr…as in cute, not as in pirate)
  • New: Virtual tours for new users. These guide you round the UI and help you create your very first Virtual API.
  • New: Clone a Virtual API. You can now clone an existing virtual API, either one of your own or someone else’s!
  • New: Canned examples. A list of useful virtual API examples that you can clone (see above) and tweak or just learn from.
  • New: If you find a Virtual API by a user that interests you, you can follow them on GitHub directly from within VAPI.
  • New: Link to GitHub dashboard to see activity of followed users.
  • New: Auto generate documentation if importing a Swagger specification.
  • New: Much faster, paginated, list of all available APIs.
  • New: Ability to select an icon from a large list to associate with your Virtual API.
  • New: Selection of videos about VAPI available direct from the landing page.
  • Update: Improvements to the import/export to GitHub repositories following user feedback.
  • Update: Minor UI changes to Editor to increase screen real estate.
  • Update: Extended tree control to support multi-select for blocks of request files under the same folder
  • Update: Added busy spinner icon on list of github repos when they are being fetched.
  • Update: Message when clicking repo combo if user does not have any repos or failed to get list of repos.
  • Update: Disable export button if repo list could not be retrieved.


  • Bugfix: Fixed bad error handling in server which can prevent logins
  • Bugfix: Fixed potential performance problems in UI with large numbers of pairs
  • Bugfix: Security: information leakage on error pages
  • Bugfix: Fixed improper handling of error stacktraces
  • Bugfix: Fixed NULL entries in the vses table of the vapi database
  • Bugfix: Fixed the pound sign ‘£’ in the response body, which makes the api execution impossible
  • Bugfix: Fixed ‘try-it-now’ failure when the api is disabled in the Overview Tab.
  • BugFix: Fixed CSRF cookie issue.
  • BugFix: Fixed problem when using $ in URL params.

18th March 2015 - version

  • New: UI completely recoded using more modern technology stack (improved response times and easier for us to add new features)
  • New: UI redesign to make User Experience more intuitive
  • New: Headers separated from body of Request and Response pair
  • New: GitHub source control integration. It is now possible to import/export RR pairs, RAML and Swagger files from/to a GitHub repo or folder.
  • New: Documentation now supports Rich Text.

11th February 2015 - version


  • New: Creation of Virtual API from a Swagger 2.0 specification.
  • Bugfix: Unnecessary null pointer errors being regularly written to log.
  • Preparatory: REST API extended further to support forthcoming GitHub repository integration.


30th January 2015 - version

  • New: Local time support. We store all times as UTC of course but now we'll detect your local timezone offset and apply it appropriately.
  • New: When you search for an api, the search looks for matches in the description and creator username of apis as well as the API names.
  • Update: What's New link in footer directs straight to this What's New document.
  • Update: Copyright in footer changed from 2014 to 2015.
  • Performance improvement: Initial loading of an api is now much faster, this is especially evident when loading large apis generated from RAML files. Saving large apis is also much faster.
  • Performance improvement: Switching between the “edit” and “try it now” tabs is much faster.
  • Performance improvement: Starting and stopping an API is faster.
  • Bugfix: A malformed url sent in a “try it now" request always gets a “CA Service Virtualization Server Error”. It now returns the correct error.
  • Bugfix: When using “try it now” from the browse page, any URL parameter was not replaced by sample data and the subsequent request failed.
  • Preparatory: REST API extended to include forthcoming GitHub repository integration.


9th January 2015 - version

  • Bug Fix : XSS vuln in remembered Search drop down

  • Bug Fix : XSS vuln in API Description field

  • Preparatory: DB schema changes in preparation for new GitHub integration features

10th December 2014 - version

  • String generator Auto completion in editor response field (type {{ to see suggestions).

  • User controlled VAPI API state should not affect VSE i.e. start/stop of API

  • Background service deployment – keeps the UI snappy and responsive.

  • Added API Call Count to Overview and Browse screens

  • Added VAPI stats to front screen

  • Added version number to front screen

  • Browser back button confirmation

  • Button to display full path to API pair in Editor and TryItNow windows.

  • BugFix: VSE continue automatic discovery when vses are not running at vapi startup

  • Bugfix: Remove json dph from response
  • Bug Fix : multiline bodies in PUT & POST are mangled before passing to VSE
  • Bug Fix: fixes regression in Group Name dialog


30th November 2014 - version


  • Various minor cosmetic changes
  • Updated favicon to corporate standard
  • Gracefully handles old versions of IE.
  • Improved error handling following server timeouts
  • Minor optimization of js loading code
  • Bugfix: wildcard matching
  • bugfix: document tab momentarily shows previous api’s doc when switching to a new api
  • Bugfix: an invalid raml file disables the next button
  • Bugfix: json validation in editor can get confused if header is followed by \r\n\r\n instead of \n\n"
  • Bugfix: page crashes if you scroll through the pairs quickly in the editor
  • Bugfix: the blank line between response headers and body can get lost sometimes
  • Bugfix: improved json detection in editor



31st October 2014 - version

    - VAPI Goes LIVE! Initial version