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Hello guys,


we (my working colleague StefanSiegl and I) have used the ExtendedEmailAction for sending notifications via email if error events occur. Unfortunately, the ExtendedEmailAction is not aware of format/layout. There are no possibilities like text in bold or italic and line breaks are completely ignored. As a result, you get an email without suitable layout which is quite hard to read. Therefore, @StefanSiegl extended the ExtendedEmailAction to be capable of sending mails in HTML format. Necessary changes of the ExtendedEmailAction are really small, like 3 to 5 additional lines of code.


Remark: Introscope 9.7 may addresses already this functionality. We didn't had a look at it yet. Still we would like to share this with the community since not everybody can switch directly to the newest version (e.g. due to company policy).




Copy the two jars in the following locations:

  • info.novatec.introscope.addons.htmlmail.em.jar => [EM]/product/enterprisemanager/plugins
  • info.novatec.introscope.addons.htmlmail.workstation.jar => [MOM]/ws-plugins

Restart the Enterprise Manager




Add the HtmlExtendedEmailAction to a management module: Elements -> New Action -> New Html Extended Mail Action. Check the checkbox "Content is html" (this is the only difference on the UI compared to the ExtendedMailAction) and use HTML tags in your message.



The above example will result in the following mail:




We hope that some others can benefit from this fieldpack as we do.



Stefan & Matthias

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