Installation issues

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Problem description:

After installing the CloudInsight8.3_Client on a client machine, Microsoft Excel crashed with this error:

Error message is: system error &H80040111 (-2147221231) Class Factory cannot supply requested class

Microsoft support answer is: A COM add-in is causing problems

Starting excel from safe mode (excel.exe /safe) gets the same error


First you need to install BSI 8.3 Client and then reinstall MS Office and MS Office 2003 Web components.


Problem description:

During the installation wizard the following dialog window appears:

"Select the Oracle home for the TNS_ADMIN environment variable

Please select the Oracle home that contains the TNS name configured for BSI:"

But the drop-down list is empty


Check the following:

* TNS_ADMIN or ORACLE_HOME environment variables are properly set.

* Oracle binary path is included in the PATH environment variable

* Registry entry Computer\HKLM\software\Wow6432Node\ORACLE does exist

* Oracle Client 32-bit is installed - at least the Runtime or Administrator installations. Instant Client installation will NOT work.

* Run Oracle's Universal Installer from the Start menu on the system and click the "Installed Products" button. Entry "OraDb11g_home1_32bit" should be on the list.

Sometimes an Oracle Client complete reinstallation is needed.


Problem description:

After installing BSI on a fresh Environment, the Oblicore Web Site is missing on IIS Manager.

Problem recreation:

The problem is happening when there is an existing default webpage with an ID different to 1. For example:

1) Create two webpages (ID=1 and ID=2)

2) Remove the ID=1 webpage, so the default webpage is the ID=2

3) Install BSI web software


Before starting the actual installation, the existing default webpage ID

needs to be changed to 1. After doing that, the installation will succeed.


Problem description:

In a web page installation to a non-default installation path, after the BSI installation the Oblicore Web Site is missing on IIS Manager.

The issue can easily be recreated trying a BSI web installation with the install destination in another drive (lets say in drive "D"),

Problem explanation:

The AdminScripts folder is created when installing the "IIS 6 Management Compatibility" service, in the Web Server role.

But this folder is created in the default c:\inetpub directory.

The installer is trying to find these scripts in the specified path, and as a consequence the Webpage is installed, but the Application Pool is not.


The user cannot just change the folder for the website as it requires the AdminScripts to be there.

Therefore the installation folder needs to be ready to be website location before pointing website to it.

This means that the AdminScripts files need to be manually copied to the web page installation path.

Follow these post-installation steps:

  1. Copy manually the directory in c:\inetpub\AdminScripts to the destination directory where the webpage was installed
  2. Create a new Application Pool
    1. Name: BsiAppPool
    2. .NET Framework: 4.0
    3. Managed Pipeline: Integrated
    4. Identity: LocalSystem
  3. Edit Oblicore_Guarantee webpage settings, to use BSIAppPool, instead of the DefaultAppPool
  4. You may need to enable 32-bit compatibility in the ASP settings
  5. Add a new ISAPI Filter:
    1. Filter name: TomcatConnector
    2. Executable: %OG_HOME%\Tomcat\ISAPI\isapi_redirect.dll
  6. Restart web service