Tech Tip NV - How to load an epack for a new dataset

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Prerequisite is to have the NV field utilities installed.

Run each step from a command window and open the window with the Run As Admin option.

If MySql has not been added to the system path run $\NetVoyant\bin\nvsetmysqlpath.bat


Unless it is already installed, download which is available from here:


At every NV system extract the contents into the $\NetVoyant\ directory.

If PrePack.msi was previously installed overwrite the existing files.

Without this step the Pollers will be missing the views.


epack installation

1. download the epack to each NV system and expand in a temporary location

epacks are available from here:


2. stop the NetVoyant Service Manager service at each system


3. open a command window to the location of the epack and run the setup.bat file to install the epack at each system


4. restart the NetVoyant Service Manager at each system


5. at the NV MC run these two mysqldump commands:

mysqldump.exe nms2 products datasets expressions expression_fields pollgroups intervals rollups baselines > nv_poll_config.sql

mysqldump.exe nms2 poll_defs poll_indexes poll_properties > nv_discovery_labels.sql


Now still at the MC run these two 'set' commands and two mysqldump commands:

Note: If NPC is installed on a different system replace 'localhost' with the name of the system NPC is installed on.

set NPC_HOST=localhost

set PORTAL_TABLES= context_map menus pageinfo pagelayout controls control_properties user_definitions role_definitions role_menus

mysqldump.exe nms2 %PORTAL_TABLES% > nv_weblayout.sql

mysqldump.exe netqosportal %PORTAL_TABLES% -u netqos -pnetqos -h %NPC_HOST% > npc_weblayout.sql


6. at the NV MC open a command window and run 'nqwebtool'.


7. at the NPC system run 'iisreset'.


8. rediscover a device for which the new dataset applies and verify the dataset got added to it and polling enabled.


9. after 15 minutes select a poll instance from the new dataset and go to the Reports tab to verify data collection.



For complete usage of NQWebTool see:

Tech Tip NV - NQWebTool Migrating Custom Views to NPC