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CADRE Technical Conference 2015


The CADRE Committee and the CA Datacom Staff want to take this opportunity to welcome you to CADRE 2015.  We will be celebrating our 41st year as the CA Datacom and CA Ideal User Community.  In order to make your travel to and from the conference attendance as easy as possible, we have put together this list of conference information to help you in planning your trip.

We look forward to seeing you in just a few short weeks!!!


Getting Around

Key Addresses

Conference Hotel

Aloft Frisco

3202 Parkwood Boulevard

Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: (972) 668-6011


CA Technologies

5465 Legacy Drive

Plano, TX 75024

Phone: (800) 225-5224 or (214) 473-1810

Wednesday Event Night

Tailgaters Sports Bar and Grill

7777 Warren Parkway

Frisco, TX 75034

Phone: (972) 377-3777

Thursday Event Night

Cross Creek Ranch

3406 Dublin Rd.

Parker, TX 75002

Phone: (972) 221-0167

Transportation During the Conference

Hotel to the Conference

We have arranged for the Aloft hotel to provide shuttle service from the hotel to CA Plano on Tuesday through Friday morning during conference.  Two shuttles leave from the hotel at 7:00am, 7:30am and one at 8:00am.  Each of the shuttles holds 11 so space is somewhat limited; hint, don’t wait for the last shuttle.

Conference to the Hotel

Tuesday Evening

The shuttles will return you to the Aloft hotel, leaving the CA facility at 8:00pm and 8:30pm after the completion of Training and the Focus Groups. For those of you that need to return to the Aloft before the end of training, you can call the Aloft hotel at the number above and request an earlier pickup.

There is a reception for CADRE 2015 attendees staying at the hotel being held at the Aloft hotel beginning at 8:30PM.

Wednesday Evening

The shuttles will return you to the Aloft hotel, leaving the CA facility at 6:00pm and 6:30pm. 

The Wednesday evening event is across the street from the Aloft hotel within an easy walk (1.5 blocks). For those that would like a ride from the Aloft to the event, a signup sheet will be available at registration desk the week of the event.  CA team members will be more than happy to provide shuttle service.

Thursday Evening

The shuttles will return you to the Aloft hotel, leaving the CA facility at 5:00pm and 5:30pm. 

On Thursday evening, a charter bus will be picking up all that will be attending the Thursday evening Cross Creek event.  The bus will pick-up from the parking lot of the Aloft hotel at 6:00 pm, leaving for the event at 6:15. 

At the end of the evening (9:45), the charter bus will leave Cross Creek Ranch and return all to the Aloft parking lot.

Friday Afternoon

Most participants will be leaving from the CA Plano facility to return directly to the airport. For those arranging airport shuttle transportation the pickup location is in front of the CA facility (on Legacy Drive). For those using taxis, please make sure you arrange the taxi at least 24 hours in advance as taxis are not readily available in the Plano area. 

For attendees that need to return to the Aloft hotel, you can call the Aloft hotel at the number above and request a pickup.  The shuttle typically runs on the half hour.

Getting From/To the Airport

Two things to keep in mind while planning your travel for the conference.  First, there are two major airports in the Dallas area; Love Field (DAL) and Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport (DFW). If you are planning on reserving a rental car, limo, or a Super Shuttle make sure your reservations are for the right airport.

Secondly, the Dallas area is quite large and sprawling. Luckily both the Aloft hotel and the CA facilities are relatively close and easy to get to from either airport. Distance from the DFW airport is about 30 miles, with Love field about 5 miles closer. 

  • Rental Cars – Both airports have the normal selection of rental cars available that can be booked online. Travel from both airports require toll roads. The toll roads in the Dallas area are all electronic, if you rent a car you will receive a toll bill later in the mail once it is processed through the rental agency.
  • Town Car/Limo – There are a number of town car services in town that can provide customized services if you are arriving/departing early or late, or traveling with a group.

Company Name


Contact Number




Empire CLS Worldwide Chauffeured Services


Dallas Towncar & Limousines



  • Taxi – Taxis are always an option and are easy to get at either airport during normal business hours, but they can be quite pricey.  A typical trip from DFW airport to the Aloft hotel would be around $60 depending on traffic according to  The trip from Love field to the Aloft will be slightly cheaper at around $53.
  • Super Shuttle – Super Shuttle is a ride share shuttle service that services both of the Dallas areas airports.  They are typically cheaper than a cab, with rates from DFW around $42 and Love Field from $46 for the first passenger. You can make your reservations online at


There are a few housekeeping items to note before your arrival at the CA facilities.  To help you find your way around there are a few maps towards the end of this document.


If you have decided to drive to the CA facility, you will need to fill out and print a temporary parking permit that will be attached separately to this document.  This parking permit will need to be filled out and placed on the dash of your car while parked at CA. 

We have a very full facility and limited visitor parking in the front of the building (Legacy Drive). Conference attendees with the attached parking pass are requested to park on the upper level of the parking garage where there are ample free parking spaces. From the upper level, just head towards the staircase by the building and you will enter into a covered walkway that will take you to the facility entrance. If there is inclement weather such as snow or ice that closes the upper level of the parking garage, the attendees (with passes) may park in the surface lots that surround the parking garage.

For guests with disability access permits, there is available parking in lower level of the parking garage near the facility entrance.

Please remember to display your parking pass (and if in disability parking your disability placard) at all times while parked in the facility.  

Smoking Area

We have a designated smoking area on the lower level of the far north-east end of the parking garage. Please note that in the city of Plano, smoking ordinances treat e-cigarettes, vaping and electronic vaping devices the same as tobacco products and limits use to the designated smoking areas.


We have restrooms available on the 1st floor close to all of the meeting rooms, but if you hate to stand in line during the breaks, we have additional restrooms open on the 5th floor just off of the elevators.

CA Café

There is a small café on the first floor of the CA facility that has a mix of hot/cold foods available for purchase as well as a good mix of sundries.  The Café is normally open from 7am to 3pm.

Guest WiFi Access

In your packet that you will receive at registration will be connection instructions to access the CA guest WiFi.  Note: The guest WiFi is not available in all areas used during the conference.

Dress Code

There has been a number of questions regarding the dress code for the conference; we want you and your co-attendees to focus on learning and networking. Business casual to casual is the recommended attire during the day.  The evening events are casual events.

At Aloft

Breakfast Vouchers

When you check in to the Aloft – Frisco, guests with the CADRE hotel rate will receive $5 breakfast vouchers that can be used at the moderately priced “Re:fuel by Aloft” breakfast options.

Social & Networking Events

Tuesday Evening – Aloft Hotel Welcome Reception – 8:30-9:30pm

After a long day of education sessions, return to the Aloft hotel for a welcome reception hosted by the Aloft hotel for those CADRE CTC attendees who are staying at the Aloft hotel.

Wednesday Evening – CA Social – Tailgaters Sports Bar and Grill – 7:00-9:30pm

Casual event across the street from the Aloft hotel. Meet and network with your colleagues over sampler platters of appetizers, drinks and a game or two of pool. 

Thursday Evening – CADRE Social – Cross Creek Ranch – 6:00-10:00pm

Texas casual event featuring Texas BBQ and a casino night at a ranch setting close into the Dallas area. Charter bus will pick you up at the Aloft Hotel parking lot and take you direct to the ranch; returning you to the Aloft parking lot after the event.

The Conference


Tuesday will be education day.  The day will be split into three different education offerings:

  • Intro to DBA – This will be a three part education session offering the basics of implementing and using the CA Datacom environment. The session is an abridged version of the full 5 day course taught for a fee at CA learning centers. Those attending this session will participate in the two day sessions with lunch followed by a light dinner and a two hour twilight session (6PM to 8PM).
  • Application developer - This will be a two part education session offering a variety of sessions around building applications for the CA Datacom environment. These sessions will address each of the core application development areas for CA Datacom. The sessions will end at 5PM, where attendees will have a light dinner and then attend one of the evening focus sessions (see below).
  • Experienced DBA - This will be a two part active participation session offering a variety of activities around the experienced DBA for the CA Datacom/CA Ideal environment. These sessions will begin with a CA leader starting off the discussion and then asking the attendees to participation in open conversation.  The CA Datacom architects will there to discuss whatever is on the attendees mind. The sessions will end at 5PM, where attendees will have a light dinner and then attend one of the evening focus sessions (see below).
  • Focus evening sessions (6PM to 8PM) – These sessions will be for small groups of attendees (3-5) with a CA development person.  The sessions will go in-depth on a selected subject where the group will dig in and go through the subject using live systems and active participation.

Conference Sessions

Wednesday through Friday will offer a variety of conference sessions.  The days will be split into three different types of sessions:

  • Keynote (full session) – These sessions will be held in the combined MPR 1 and 2 space. All attendees will attend these sessions. We have arranged the days so that the days will begin with the attendees together for morning keynotes and then break apart for the technical track sessions.
  • DBA Track – This track will offer sessions geared to the DBA and SYSPROG who are responsible for implementing and maintaining the CA Datacom and CA Ideal environments.
  • App Dev Track - This track will offer sessions geared to the Application Developers who are responsible for implementing and maintaining applications in the CA Datacom and CA Ideal environments.

One on One Scheduling

During the conference there will be opportunities for you to meet one-on-one with members of the CA staff and the CTC volunteers.  These conversations allow you to discuss CA Datacom/CA Ideal related issues in an informal setting with the requested staff or volunteer member.

These One-on-One sessions are provided to give you that time needed to discuss an in-depth issue for your site.

Although we will do our best to meet everyone’s requests, this is going to be a very busy week and many of the team have multiple commitments throughout the week, so availability may be limited.  You can get your request in early by filling out and returning the request form at the end of this document. 

Share Your Experience


Twitter and the CADRE Community

Before and during the conference we will be using many means of communicating about the conference and the experiences.  Communicating what to expect and what is happening now.  We will be sharing updates on both the CADRE Community ( and on Twitter. 

We invite all of you to join in, sharing your experiences with hashtag #CADRE15.


Throughout the conference we will try to keep food and drink close at hand.  The CA Datacom agile teams will be taking turns making sure that your mid-morning snack is fresh and exciting.   CADRE and CA are taking turns sponsoring lunches Tuesday through Thursday and a light supper during the education day on Tuesday.  We will keep coffee and soft drinks available throughout the day.

We understand that many have special dietary requirements and likes/dislikes.  We will be providing a variety of food over the days.  There is a café available onsite if you are looking for something different on a particular day.  There are also refrigerators in the conference break area if you want to bring something in.

What to Expect

Texas weather in January

Texas weather is always unpredictable; January is especially hard because the temperatures can have quite a swing.  Record temperatures for the 3rd week in January are in the upper 70s and the lower 20s.  But typically we see highs in the mid-50s and lows in the mid-30s.

With all that being said, we will try to keep the conference rooms at a comfortable temperatures no matter the outside temps, but we do recommend that you come prepared with a sweater or light jacket in case it is cool.

Individual Needs

Hopefully this information will help you prepare for the week and the CADRE Technical Conference.  If you have any questions or particular needs, please reach out.

Emergency Contacts – Before and During the Conference

We will provide a list of attendees to the CA receptionist prior to the conference so that any calls that come into the general CA numbers can be routed correctly.  In addition, while we all plan for a fun and enlightened conference, things do happen.

The list below provides some key CTC contacts that can be contacted in the case of an emergency.




Kevin Shuma (CA)


Su Brude (CA)


Nancy Doucette (CA)


Dale Russell (CA)


Lynette Elwell (CA)


Dick Millar (CADRE)


Clyde McPherson (CADRE)



Mike Gowen (CADRE)



Helpful Maps

(see the attached document)