Tech Tip: eHealth Live Reporting unavailable for some elements

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Live reporting unavailable for element.

Clicking on "Validate Variables" when running a Trend report form the web shows no variables available.

Most often occurs for custom MTFs (MIB Translation Files) or  automatically generated MTF files.


To correct:


1) Verify whether the MTF assigned to the element exists in the NH_MTF_VARIABLE table by running:


     $NH_HOME/bin/sys/nhisql "select * from NH_MTF_VARIABLE where MTF_NAME in (select MTF_NAME from NH_ELEMENT where NAME = '<elementName>')"


  Substitute the element name for <elementName>

2) If nothing is returned, find the MTF name again substituting the element name for <elementName>


     $NH_HOME/bin/sys/nhisql "select MTF_NAME from NH_ELEMENT where NAME = '<elementName>'"


This should return an MTF file name (<fileName>.mtf)


3) Use the MTF name output from step 2 to populate the NH_MTF_VARIABLE table as follows:



     $NH_HOME/bin/sys/nhiLoadMtfVars -fileName $NH_HOME/poller/<fileName>.mtf


4) Verify you now get output for the command in step 1


5) Verify you can now run Live Reporting