Tech Tip Rollup (2015)

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The following 'tech tips' were authored in calendar year 2015 (includes tech tips tagged with 'tech tips' and/or 'tips').


December 2015

Tech Tip: After upgrade to SOI 4.0 Event policies stopped working

Tech Tip: Cannot logon to SOI UI with AD users

Tech Tip: ActiveMQ stopped working when encountering missing journal file

SOI full services export then import specific service by name - DBlanco

Tech Tip: How to configure SOI to use TLS version 1.2

Tech Tip: ServiceNow ticket creation fails with error "Create ticket error - java.lang.NullPointerexception"

Tech Tip: Create Ticket Action fails with error "Create ticket error........"

How To: Fix incorrectly correlated CI's


November 2015

TECH TIP: Can't open SOI Console getting 'Unable to launch the application

Tech Tip : Login to USM Web View Fails

Tech Tip: Nomsoft Alerts stopped Coming to Console

Tech Tip:  Using the Parse function in Event Policies


October 2015

Tech Tip: Importing SSL Certificate

Tech Tip: How to change Alert Queue Name

Tech Tip: How can the PrimaryDNSName and Summary values be concatentated in the UserAttribute1 alert property using a single MTC enrichment policy?

Tech Tip: SOI DST Change


September 2015

Tech Tip: How to delete CI created by USM Web View

Tech Tip : Upgrading a connector system to 3.3

Tech Tip: 'Send Email' Escalation Action working from SOI UI

Tech Tip : The connector is online, but all the SCOM entities appear in CA SOI as "Unknown"

Tech Tip: When I do editing a Service the "custom policy", "Edit" option  is grayed out

Tech Tip: How to Re-enabled Self Monitoring

Tech Tip: How to recreate relationship for CI from Service Discovery

Tech Tip: How to Re-enabled Self Monitoring

Tech TIP: UIM Connector will not connect


August 2015

Tech Tip: Service Discovery won't create new Services

Tech Tip: What is size of Active MQ data folder

Tech Tip: Unknown-Entity alert from Nimsoft (UIM)


July 2015

Tech Tip: Finding the password for the keystore file ssa.jks

Tech TIP: Running NetQoS connector in debug more

Tech Tip: 'Console' link grayed out

SOI Tech Tip Connectors not appear in Data Sources of Event Policy Window


June 2015

Tech Tip: BIConfig.bat command returning access is denied error

Tech Tip: How to use soitoolbox when SAMStore is installed on different port than 1433 (Default)

Tech Tip: How to configure Catalyst(Catalyst Container) application to use new EEM Server

Tech Tip: How to point UI Server to another SOI manager

Tech Tip: Include TenantID in Correlation

Tech Tip: Add a column to the SOI consoles Cleared Alert History

Tech Tip: Can you use an Active Directory user account for the NIMSoft connector to connect to the NIMSoft DB


May 2015

Tech Tip: SSL "Certificate Error" while trying to access SSL Enabled WebUI

Tech Tip: Export\Import Escalation policies from one SOI to another

Tech Tip : The Alert User Attributes are not returned when using the REST API get alert call.

Tech Tip: Alert not shown in 'Services' tab

Tech Tip: Unable to start Spectrum Connector

Tech Tip: Synchronization Configuration Error


April 2015

Tech Tip: Using REST UI to update alerts with ticketID

Tech Tip: Connector Controls & Connection details doesn't show for any connector in SOI Dashboard


March 2015

Tech_Tip- Remove Fully Qualified Domain Name from SOI for Servicedesk ticketing

Tech Tip: SNMP 2.0 Connector Documentation contains misleading information

Tech Tip: Modifying An Alert Via WebService Calls (SOAP)


February 2015

Tech Tip:  SOI - Spectrum Alarm Synchronization
Tech Tip: Constantly receiving e-mails  catalyst emails from uninstalled SDM connector
Tech Tip: Service Desk 14.1 support

Tech Tip: Process alerts not clearing

Tech Tip: Finding and cleaning up DB Inconsistencies


January 2015

Tech Tip : "The web server returned error: Accepted" occurs when using the "Mail" option

Tech Tip:  SNMP adapter not listening to APM SNMP Alert Plugin

SOI Tech Tips: Unable to import SSL certificate manually

SOI Tech Tips: I have multiple Spectrum connectors on one machine. Can I have different connector policies for individual connectors

SOI Tech Tips: How to change CABI Password

SOI Tech Tips: In SOI manager debug page Triage test shows 'TopLevelService present' Failed

SOI Tech Tips: unable to login to InfoView

Tech Tip: Installing SOI 3.3 on Windows 2012 R2