z/VSE Datacom Users Special Interest Group

Document created by Owen-Williams on Jan 30, 2015
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This Special Interest Group (SIG) has been created to provide a forum for the users of CA Datacom and CA Ideal executing on the z/VSE operating system. All Application Developers, DBAs and Systems Programmers, as well as management are welcome here.


Here we can share and discuss issues that are specific to the z/VSE community, such as integrating/using CA Datacom and CA Ideal with other z/VSE components and products, such as...

CA Dynam (DASD/Tape magement)

CA Epic (DASD/Tape management)

CA Explore/VSE (VSE and Datacom monitor)

CA Explore/CICS (CICS and Datacom CICS Services monitor)

CA FAQS/ASO (Automated Operations)

CA FAQS/PCS (Scheduler)

CA Top Secret/VSE (Datacom External Security)

CA Vollie (including DataDictionary interface)

IBM CICS Transaction Server VSE (Including CA Ideal Web Interface)


The leader of this group is Owen Williams. He has been working with CA Datacom and CA Ideal since 1986 as a programmer, DBA, and Systems Support at both z/OS and z/VSE sites. He is currently working at Redcentric PLC as a Technical Consultant for the Mainframe Infrastructure Support group.


You can forward your thoughts and ideas to Owen at owen.williams@redcentricplc.com