Tech Tip: NFA - How to decommission a DSA and assign it's interfaces to another DSA server.

Document created by Christopher_Walsh Employee on Feb 5, 2015
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How to decommission a DSA and assign it's interfaces to another DSA server.



If your DSA's Hardware fails, NFA may stop processing data, until you decommission the failed DSA.

You can follow the steps in this document to reassign the interfaces from this failed DSA to a new DSA, and then you can decommission the DSA if it will no longer be used.  You can also follow this procedure if you just plan on consolidating the number of DSA servers you have.



1. Stop the NetQos ReporterAnalyzer Pump service on the NFA Console.


2. On the NFA Console server check the <Install Path>\reporter\datashare\data\ directory and make sure all sub folders are empty.


3. Login to the mysql reporter database with:

mysql -P 3308 reporter


4. Backup the existing agent_definitions table with:

create table agent_definitions_bak (select * from agent_definitions);


5. Identify the DSA's ServerId value of the current DSA and the new DSA by running the query below and making note of the 'ServerId' values for each.

select ServerID, Address from database_servers;


6. Then update the 'dataserverid' on the agent_definitions table with the new ID.

For example if the 'ServerId' of the original DSA is 2 and the new DSA is 3 you can use the query below to set the 'dataserverid' to 3 where the existing 'dataserverid' value was 2.


update agent_definitions set dataserverid=3 where dataserverid=2;


7. (Optional) If you have a backup of the historical data you can copy it over to the new DSA server.  If you do not have a backup, proceed to the next step.

-In NFA 9.1.x and newer the historical data was stored in the <Install Directory>\Netflow\ReaperArchive15\ directory.

Each sub folder in the ReaperArchive15 directory represents a specific router, and will be named like \ReaperArchive15\010010001030\.

The folder name 010010001030 represents the IP address of the router without decimals, in this case the router IP would be

To restore these data copy over the router folders to the new DSA's ReaperArchive15 directory.


-In RA 9.0 and earlier the data was stored in the <Install Directory>\Mysql51\data\nqrptr\ folder.

However you do not want to backup and restore the full folder as it will overwrite existing configurations.

With the Netqos Mysql51 service stopped on both DSA's backup all of the files that start with a number, like, 10_as, 10_p, 10_c, etc..

Then and copy them over to the new DSA server's <Install Directory>\Mysql51\data\nqrptr\ folder and start up the NetQos Mysql51 service.


8.  You can now safely delete the old DSA server from the the Console servers database by running the following where 2 is the ID of your old DSA:

delete from database_servers where serverid=2;


9.  Then also run the delete statements below on the Console server's database, using the IP address of the old DSA.

delete from database_servers_scheduler where address=inet_aton('10.x.x.x');

delete from cpuutilization where address=inet_aton('10.x.x..x');

delete from diskutilization where address=inet_aton('10.x.x.x');


10. Restart the NetQos Mysql51 Service on the NFA Console server


11. Restart the NetQos Mysql51 Service on the new DSA server


12. Verify that data is being processed.