Tech Tip: Finding and cleaning up DB Inconsistencies

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From time to time you should use the soitoolbox to find and clean up any SOI DB inconsistencies .


To find out if there are any DB Inconsistencies you can run the following syntax and this does not require you to stop any

SOI Services. The syntax is case sensitive.


\soi\tools\soitoolbox.exe -x --findDBInconsistencies


The result will look someting like this

-> Checking DB schema version... DONE

-> Looking for orphan candidates... DONE, found 0
-> Looking for orphan CIs... DONE, found 7
-> Looking for Catalyst Inconsistencies... DONE, found 8


Inconsistency types are: Orphan CIs, Orphan Candidates and Catalyst Inconsistencies.


                           Orphan Candidates

                                     are CIs which will stay in SOI (due to the bug) if removed by the connector

                           Orphan CIs

                                     are CIs which do not have CIstaging record from any Connector except Reconciler

                                     (this excludes manually, in the Modeler, created services and groups)

                            Catalyst Inconsistencies

                                     are CIs/Relationships which do not exist in SOI DB (in CIStaging table), but

                                     are present in Catalyst DB (ca_ssa_ci_detail table)



To cleanup  DB Inconsistencies, you can use the following syntax and the soitoolbox utility will

require you to stop all SOI services. The syntax is case sensitive.


\soi\tools\soitoolbox.exe -x --purgeDBInconsistencies