Tech Tip NV - NQWebTool Migrating Custom Views to NPC

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NV has a process for creating custom report views however those view stay in NV and are not available in NPC.


NQWebTool.exe can be used to add those view to NPC.

Note: Do not use earlier revisions of NQWebTool.


Installation instructions:


If MySql has not been added to the system path run $\NetVoyant\bin\nvsetmysqlpath.bat

At every NV system extract the contents of into the $\NetVoyant\ directory.


Complete usage instructions:

1.    Nqwebtool.exe or "nqwebtool.exe -verbose"

No args, sync views-and-pages for new epack and selfcert datasets.  Also sync any custom-view-editing done since the last sync/update was ran.

(updates of new epack/datasets will setup new pages and add to pages, updates of view-edits will not.)


2.    Nqwebtool.exe [datasetname]

Usage like this will Import a dataset and its views into the local datasource (aka into nms2).

This prevents system-setup errors, because it will not import the dataset-ddl if the mib isn't loaded and it also warns if the dataset is already loaded.


3.    Nqwebtool.exe -export [datasetname]

Usage like this will export the custom-views and pages for a dataset to a local-ddl file, similar to the dataset-export from the console, so that the dataset and its views can be loaded into other netvoyant-datasources. (i.e. lab to prod…, or CA-lab-to-epack-to-customer…).


4.    Nqwebtool.exe -deleteView "your custom viewname"

This deletes from NV(nms2) and from NPC(netqosportal).  It avoids needing to find and to remove views from pages first.


For complete instructions on installing an epack see:

Tech Tip NV - How to load an epack for a new dataset