How to identify Elements using the same IP Address and Delete them on eHealth using the command line.

Document created by feled01 Employee on Feb 19, 2015
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as the eHealth User, NH_USER from the $NH_HOME/bin on the command line or Terminal follow the instructions below:


1. nhListElements -where "ipAddr matches  *<ip address>*" -outFile elements.txt

(this will generate the output file containing the elements name associated with the Ip address listed)


2. Vi elements.txt to review the Elements names.



3. nhListElements -where "ipAddr matches  *<ip address>*" |nhDeleteElements



Note that deleting elements removes all historical data for the deleted elements as well as the elements configuration. There is no way to undo this action. The only recourse to restore the data is to restore a backup of the eHealth database. Any data collected between the time of the save and the load would be lost for all elements, not just the deleted ones.