Tech Tip: NFA New Mysql version 5.6 pre-upgrade considerations

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As noted in the NFA 9.3 upgrade guide and release notes, upgrading to NFA 9.3.0 will install a new version of Mysql, version 5.6.



During an upgrade, the installer will:

  • Backup your current MySql51 databases to a 'MySql_Backups' folder.

    **Note** You still must backup your databases before starting the upgrade process, even though the upgrade will attempt to make a backup, so you will have a safe roll      back point in case something fails during the upgrade.**

  • Then delete the old "NetQos Mysql51" service.
  • Then install a new "CA Mysql" service which is the new version.
  • Then restore your database backups from the 'MySql_Backups'.
  • The upgrade will also delete the previous 'Mysql51' directory and create a new 'Mysql' directory where the new data and binary files for the service will be stored.
  • Any custom settings in your current my.ini will not be backed up or carried over, you should back up this file before starting the upgrade if you have any custom settings and apply the changes to the new my.ini file that gets created.


Before starting an upgrade it is critical to ensure you have enough free Disk space to account for the size of the backed up databases to ensure the upgrade can complete.


The Upgrade guide states the following disk space requirements that should be adhered to to ensure you have enough space to complete the upgrade:


Upgrades to CA Network Flow Analysis 9.3.0 require additional space for database backup and migration.

To determine the space needed:

1. Locate the CA/NFA/MySql51/data directory.

2. Determine the size of the directory.

3. Add the size of the directory to the size of the 9.3.0 product install (~1.5 GB) to get the required free disk space.


Note that in large environments this process of backing up and migrating the databases may take time, it is important to allow this process to complete and that it is not interrupted once the upgrade starts.