Java JRE Certificate Expiration has limited effect on eHealth, Live Health

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As you are likely aware, a Java JRE certificate in wide use is set with an expiration date of Sunday, March 1, 2015. 


We have extensively tested this issue with eHealth, and found that only the Live Health applications: Live Exceptions, Live Status and Live Trend, along with Live Reporting, are affected.  Importantly, the core eHealth product (eHealth polling and reporting other than Live Reporting) and its supporting components and interfaces will not be affected by this Java certificate expiration.



The symptom is that when attempting to launch one of the Live components on Windows clients that are running certain Java JRE 1.7+ and Java JRE 1.8 revisions, the user will be challenged with a pop-up message that states that the certificate has expired.  (You can verify the java version in the Java control panel on your Windows client machine.)



Java JRE 1.6 on client:

With Java 1.6 and earlier, the user can click through a pop-up message on their client machine as they always have.

Java JRE 1.7 on client:

If challenged, the workaround is to change your Java JRE security settings to “Medium” from "High" or "Very High".  If you cannot use the Medium security setting workaround due to the security policies of your organization, you can try adding your eHealth server info to the Java Exception Site List.

Java JRE 1.8 on client:

Since you cannot change your Java JRE 1.8 security settings to “Medium" you can try adding your eHealth server info to the Java Exception Site List.  (For more info, see




If you cannot use the above workarounds for any reason, you will need to apply a fix to your eHealth server.  We will post fixes for eHealth 6.3.2.x as early as February 27, 2015.  The location will be announced at the time of posting.



If you cannot find answers to all of your eHealth / Live Health questions related to this java certificate expiration in the IM Community, please attempt to use the workarounds in the short term, and contact CA Support for your long-term fix.



-Margaret, eHealth PM