Tech Tip: Vendor Cert Priority List is Blank

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Issue: After upgrading from 2.3.4 to 2.4 the vendor cert priority list is blank for Interface.  The root cause of the issue is that the vendor certification got renamed.  To resolve this issue you must run  The script is /opt/IMDataAggregator/scripts/ on the Data Aggregator and is shipped with version 2.4.0 of the product and above.  To resolve the issue do the following ...



Run “ localhost” – this will report whether there is a problem with the vendor certification priority that the script can fix.  If the machine’s version of python can’t handle the script, it can be run elsewhere by using the hostname instead of localhost.  The output of localhost will look something like this if there is a problem ...


Found 24 missing vendor certs:

VCP 62: {}ExtremeSystemTemperatureMib

VCP 58: {}ExtremeSystemPowerSupplyMib

VCP 67: {}CiscoUCSBladeInterfaceAggregateMib

VCP 595857: {}ClientMCSDataRateCisco

VCP 132: {}CiscoRttMonStatsMibModified

VCP 129: {}CiscoRttMonStatsMibModified

VCP 136: {}CiscoRttMonStatsMibModified

VCP 159: {}CiscoRttMonStatsMibModified

VCP 414438: {}MulticastStatisticsCisco

VCP 254: {}CiscoRttMonStatsMibModified

VCP 317337: {}AirespaceWirelessMIBbsnAPIfEnt ryAruba

VCP 287: {}CiscoIPSLAJitterPrecisionMibModif ed

VCP 287: {}CiscoIPSLAJitterPrecisionMib_2

VCP 319: {}2014634135_CISCO_SYSTEM_EXT_MIB

VCP 347: {}CiscoRttMonStatsMibModified

VCP 206221: {}AirespaceWirelessMIBbsnAPIfEnt ry

VCP 356: {}IfXTableMibThreshold

VCP 356: {}IfTableMibThreshold

VCP 356: {}IntelIfXTableMib

VCP 328117: {}AirespaceWirelessMIBbsnMobileS tation

VCP 351903: {}CiscoctpcStatMib

VCP 445: {}CiscoRttMonStatsMibModified

VCP 435: {}CiscoRttMonStatsMibModified

VCP 1414: {}CiscoLwappSiMIBcLSiAqEntry


If the script reports a problem with a vendor certification priority, you can then run “ localhost -fix”.  This should resolve the issue.


Important: This defect WILL occur for all upgrades from any version of 2.3.4 to any version of 2.4.  However, if you skip 2.3.4 (and go 2.3.3 -> 2.4.0) then there will be no problem.  If you are upgrading from 2.3.4 to any version of 2.4 you should run this script.  The engineering team has resolved this defect in 2.5.


This is detailed in knowledge base article: