Tech Tip: CA DCIM - UIM - renaming devices in the ecoMeter probe

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valid for ecometer probe 4.2 and 4.3  +  CA Visual Infrastructure 4.10,4.11


1. Modify the device Name in the ecoMeter Template (Template Builder)

2. Export the updated template to the archive for Nimsoft Probe

3. Deploy the archive with updated template to the robot (drag and drop from Infrastructure Manager)

   This will generate a new target entry in UIM database with the new device name.

   To remove the old target or to merge it with the new one, follow this procedure:

   For a large number of renamed devices, the merge process can be a time consuming process so it is preferable to delete the old targets.

4. At this point, the renamed devices are no longer reachable in CA VI. Re-synch and Update the renamed devices in CAVI.