Tech Tip: CA DCIM - UIM - Device Name convention

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Valid for ecometer probe 4.2 and 4.3


UIM metrics are based on the ecoMeter probe device names as follows:


1. HOST/SOURCE is the origin of the data (e.g. IP address of remote device: CRAC, PDU...). For ecoMeter calculations this field is marked as "Calculated"

2. QoS are the variables or metrics of the SOURCE device. They reflect the data mapping done at template level:

   Basically, it is a concatenation of fields. Let's take this example: QOS_DCIM_CRAC_INLETTEMPC

       a. QOS: standard UIM prefix.

       b. DCIM: ecoMeter probe prefix.

       c. CRAC: Device Type or MIB table used during the data mapping.

       d. INTLETTEMPC: Variable/Metric read from the source device.

3. TARGET: Device Name specified in the ecoMeter probe + Variable (e.g. CRAC001-CracInletTempC). The Device name will depend on the naming convention used at Template level (Custom Naming or Default Naming)


*The TARGET field is sensitive to the device name (and naming convention) used in the ecoMeter Templates. If the TARGET field is modified, UIM will store the data under a new target entry and this will impact devices that have been synchronized with CA VI.

You may have to update all synchronized devices for the naming convention change to take effect.

More info about TARGET modifications here: Removing old target entries from UIM DB


Find here a detailed explanation of the Device Names in the different components of the product: