CA Identity Manager (IdentityMinder) Useful Resources

Document created by JeffreyLimpert4211654 on Mar 17, 2015
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Attached to this document is a PDF file containing bookmarks which I have found useful in developing a deeper understanding of IdentityMinder's operational concepts, underlying theory, and its application.


Additional bookmarks reference CA Educational resources for those who may be attending class or who are interested in obtaining certification.


The bookmarks were collected over a period of time during personal studies or in researching answers to student questions. Please note that the URLs and their contents and their titles can change at any time. In fact, in the two weeks since the bookmarks were validated one has already had to be updated.


If you do find a broken link you might be able to find its new URL using a search engine.


Please feel free to suggest new resources or comment on the contents of those in the PDF.





– Jeff Limpert

(March 2015)