Script to generate Trend,TrendAgg,TopN,Health and Stats Summary reports csv

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usage: perl  -D [PrevMonth|Prev7] -R [5min|1hr|1day] -T [TopN|BusHrTopN|Trend|BusHrTrend|TrendAgg|BusHrTrendAgg|StatsSummary|BusHrStatsSummary|Health|BusHrHealth]

                     -G <CAPC Group ID> -M <Metic List> -F <Metric Family Name> -H <CAPC Hostname|IP>

                     -u <CAPC Username> -p <CAPC user password> -f <Path to output CSV file name>


        -D  Date Range - The range data will be processed. Valid values: PrevMonth, Prev7

        -R  Data Resolution - the resolution of data returned. Valid values: 5min, hr, day

        -T  Report Type. Valid values: TopN, Trend, TrendAgg, StatsSummary, Health

        -G  Group Name - The CAPC Group Name that the report will be run against (case insensitive).

        -M  Metric(s) you want to report on. A comma seperated list can be provided. List of valid metrics are shown bel


        -B  Business Hour Name

        -F  Metric Family metrics are associated with. Valid values are Interface or QoS.

        -H  CAPC hostname or ip address.

        -u  CAPC username.

        -p  CAPC password.

        -f  Path and name of CSV file that needs to be generated.

        -h  help - this help screen





List of valid metrics




        i. Interface:



                .UtilizationIn.Max       .UtilizationOut.Max

                .UtilizationIn.Avg       .UtilizationOut.Avg







                .Bits.Sum        .BitsIn.Sum     .BitsOut.Sum

                .BitsIn.AvgRate          .BitsOut.AvgRate



                .Bytes.Sum       .BytesIn.Sum    .BytesOut.Sum

                .BytesIn.AvgRate         .BytesOut.AvgRate

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