IPMI interface doesn't work for new MTP installations

Document created by MarlosBarroso Employee on Mar 26, 2015
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Customer configured IPMI interface of the MTP SuperMicro server but is unable to connect to the remote server from a browser




Please follow the procedure below if the IPMI port is not detected:


First check and see if there is an Ethernet cable connected to the IPMI port.

The IMPI port has an auto failover setting. This moves the IPMI functionality to LAN port 1 if no cable is detected in its (IPMI) port.

This can occur if no cable is installed into the IPMI port and input power, regardless of the servers power on state, is applied to the server. You should be able to resolve this issue with someone that is in front of the server. If this can be arranged here is the action plan:


1. Power down server;

2. Remove all LAN (CAT 5) cables;

3. Remove both input power cords from their respective power supplies (disengage the power supplies from the backplane when disconnecting the power);

4. Re-Install LAN (CAT-5) cables into their proper ports, making sure the ethernet cable is connected to the IPMI port;

5. Re-install input power cables into the power supplies;

6. Power on server and test.



(5) IPMI port