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A HTML/JavaScript based report template to generate the Interface Availability Summary for a device or group.  Currently, it works on a data that is exported through the CA PM Open API (via QueryBuilder interface).  The calculations for the availability is based on CA eHealth algorithm of using the ifLastChange and ifOperStatus of the interface.  In order to use this report, the default Interface Metric Family (MF) and associated Vendor Certification (VC) will need to be extended.  The package includes the custom MF and VC.  Please do read the comments on each file before using.  It is assumed that the user should be familiar with using REST to manage the MFs and VCs on the system.  In addition, it should be mentioned that with the new MFs and VCs, the interface elements will need to be rediscovered on the devices.  This will result in CA PM 'retiring' the current interface elements and re-creating new interface elements.


This HTML/JavaScript package includes various third-party/open-source JavaScript libraries.  It should be installed on a client machine with the same consistent file hierarchy (this can be adjusted on the HTML document if necessary).


It has been tested on:


1. Firefox browser

2. CA PM 2.4

3. Cisco IOS devices (Routers/Switches)



When exporting metrics, it is not possible to export the device or group names - as a result, a webform has been created for the user to key in this parameter.  In addition, input fields have also been included to print the start and end period of the data collection period.


Exporting data from QueryBuilder

The report uses the following metrics:


1. Interface Name

2. Interface Description

3. Interface ID

4. OperStatusPollable

5. LastChangePollable

6. SnmpEngineTimePollable


Please ensure that the data exported from QueryBuilder includes these metrics.


Browser View

A sample of the report as it appears on the screen is as shown below:




Currently the report is set up to print in A4 size only.  However, this can be easily changed in the CSS <style> section of the report.  A sample is show below:




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