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Document created by Tammi Champion on Apr 1, 2015
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Hello Community Team,


Federico Pena with IT ROI shared a pretty nifty tool with me and I wanted to share with the community. It is up to you if you want to use it but I must say it was pretty easy to XOG items to my environments in addition to querying the database as well. I have attached the documentation as well as a thread in regards to it. Did I mention this tool is FREE!!! You can't beat it.


The user guide is available here https://xogbridge.itroisolutions.com/xogbridge-resources/guides/XOG-QueryBridge_UserGuide_v1.0.6_SD.pdf

The thread link is here  https://communities.ca.com/thread/241720163

Federico will be presenting on this topic for our next web share event. We are currently working on available dates. Thank you Federico for sharing this with our community, this is what communities are about!


Tammi Reel Davis