CA Unified Infrastructure Management:  March 2015 Monthly Product Release Update

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Please find the included product update and release information for CA Unified Infrastructure Management (formerly CA Nimsoft Monitor).  This notification includes information on all components that were released during the month of March, 2015.


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The CA UIM Team




1.  CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.2 was released on March 31, 2015.


CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.2 includes a number of new features focused on network monitoring, alerting + reporting.

This release includes:

  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management Server (the core application engine)
  • Unified Management Portal (web interface)
  • Unified Reporter (advanced reporting engine)
  • CA Unified Infrastructure Management Mobile App (Mobile application for iPhone and Android)


This release contains powerful new features outlined below in addition to usability enhancements, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Marquee Features & Benefits

  • Health Index


    • The new Health Index introduces an easy way for our customers to quickly identify unhealthy IT infrastructure with a simplified 0-100 scale.
    • The Health index metric is stored historically to track and identify health trends. The index is based off of existing threshold configurations (no additional configuration is needed, it is ready by default); all metrics are weighted evenly.
    • Default threshold severities are weighted proportionally higher as severity increases,and can be customized to meet customer needs.
    • Extremely flexible; the UIM administrator can choose the metrics to include in the health index calculation.


  • Account Administration Portlet



    • Streamlined new HTML version of the AccountAdmin portlet for managing accounts, users, and ACLs.
    • Automatic Liferay user provisioning and integrated user language settings simplify on-boarding new account contact users.
    • New, modern theming that sets a new standard for UIM portlets.


  • Situations-to-Watch Report



    • Situations-to-Watch is a preventative report utilizing advance analytic capabilities to find possible trouble spots before problems occur.
    • Items of interest are listed in order of predicted time available before a threshold violation, so troubleshooting can be focused on the items that need attention the soonest.
    • This report highlights both current and future issues within a group of devices or interfaces so proactive or preventative actions can be taken.
    • Modeled after eHealth reporting for easy customer migration.


  • Trend Report


    • The Trend report is a troubleshooting tool that enables faster diagnosis of root cause through visual correlation of metrics.
    • When used on a group, this report shows a single metric across a user selected set of elements from the group.
    • When the Trend report is run on a single element, multiple metrics can be selected and graphed simultaneously to visualize interdependencies.
    • Similar to eHealth reporting for immediate customer familiarity.


  • SNMP Collector 2.1


    • The self-certification tool allows customers to quickly onboard new device support via a wizard-based user interface.
    • Migration of over 1400 MTF files to snmpcollector vendor certifications add support for the most commonly used eHealth MIBs.
    • Support for eHealth Quickstart enables easier transition from eHealth to UIM.
    • Reduced snmpcollector memory footprint and support for multiple credentials per device


  • New, Simplified Installer


    • Streamlined user-flow with fewer screens and mouse clicks for a simplified install experience.
    • More robust pre-checks and validation to help ensure a successful upgrade or fresh install.
    • Better user guidance and feedback for a quick, hassle-free first UIM experience.


  • Direct upgrade from versions of UIM as early as 6.5.




2. The following CA Unified Infrastructure Management probe updates (11) were made available during the month of March, 2015: