How to add SOI Services with inclusions using data from Excel

Document created by Madelaine on Apr 8, 2015
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I am using the following process to follow to build 'bulk' SOI Services and inclusions till an easier alternative is available.


1. Create an Excel workbook with worksheets for Services, Groups, CIs and Relationships. Use the required USM Properties as column headings for each.(See Add_Service_Template.xlsx)

2. Populate your spreadsheets with the applicable information.

3. Create an .xml file (Create seperate files for Services, Groups, CIs and Relationships) to use as a source-file for Excel structure. (See examples in Source_Template_xml)

4. Using the 'Developer' tool on Excel, point to the .xml sourcefile created in 3.

Notes: The developer option is not enabled by default.

       On the "Services" spreadsheet, add a source-file 'Services.xml' (defined in 3). Drag and drop the properties of the Services.xml sourcefile to your columns in Excel.

5. Export the Services, Groups, CIs and Relationships spreadsheets as xml files and save somewhere.

6. Use a Macro to change the 'tags' to the required 'tags' as specified in the 'universalAdd_ServiceModel.xml' file in %SOI_HOME% (See example in prepare_xml_files)

7. Build a new xml-file\s for the Services to be created with CI, Groups and Relationships. (See Build_Service.xml)

8. Either run the file\s manually using the GCEventAddCmd.bat or schedule it using a .bat file. (I use .bat-files as I run this after hours)

See the Word document (Building a Service using a combination of Excel and.docx) for more info on the steps performed.


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