Tuesday Tip: Custom Applications on Windows 2008 R2 with WAAE r11.3.x Agents

Document created by hebsh01 Employee on Apr 14, 2015
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Many have found that their applications do not run the same on Windows 2008 R2 as they did on Windows 2003.  This is due to some additional security features being included in Win2k8.


There is an application compatibility issue with the new "session 0 isolation" feature in Windows 2008 Server, that cannot be addressed in the AutoSys r11.0 application (by design).  The Windows Server® 2008 operating systems isolate services in Session 0 which causes Session 0 to be non-interactive.  Our r11.0 agent runs within session 0 and without the functionality contained within r11.3.6 or r11.3.x versions of the agent, we would not be able to properly run custom applications in Win2k8.

White paper from Microsoft provided below.



Within the Agent which is provided within the r11.3.6 install media (r11.3 SP2) as well as our newer versions of the agent, we can enable the configuration parameters which communicate with Windows 2008 Server as well as your custom software to ensure we do not receive the Interactive Service Message and that the software performs as designed. 


These configuration parameters do not exist within our r11.0 version of the product and were included within the r11.3.x Agent.

Add the following parameters to your Windows 2008 Server r11.3.x agent's agentparm.txt file:

  • oscomponent.cmdprefix.force.redir.inline=true
  • oscomponent.interactive=false


If you would like to ensure the interactive message appears on the desktop to wait for user interaction, then set oscomponent.interactive=true