CA Workload Automation AE Team is Continuously Listening - response to recent customer survey

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In our recent CA Workload Automation AE Customer Feedback Survey, we asked you how we could improve your experience doing business with CA Technologies and our overall relationship with you.  You highlighted CA Workload Automation AE is reliable, meets your business needs and is easy to use. We are very pleased with your insight, thank you! You also offered valuable feedback and pointed out areas where you need us to improve. The top concerns expressed by customers: documentation, ease of installation, frequency of releases and quality.  We hear you and we agree with you.  You are our priority and as a result of your insights, we want to share what we are doing.

CA Workload Automation has created wikis for better search capabilities; ease of navigation and to allow for swift updates. Workload Automation AE 11.3.6 and Workload Automation Agents 11.3.4 wikis are available today.  CA customers are highly encouraged to leverage the information in the wiki and provide comments on wiki.  CA Technology writers are continuously seeking feedback and are ready to engage. 


We have learned a lot across the r11 suite of CA Workload Automation AE releases.  We have improved our upgrade approach and prioritize our development activities based on customer priorities.  Our approach to upgrading is to enable “upgrade in place,” as we did with r11.3.5 to r11.3.6.  We’ve also set our development priorities based on feedback from customers: ensure compatibility with prior release, zero regressions, ease of upgrade, ease of use, upgrade in place, quality, stability, resiliency, technical currency and innovation that enables our customers to achieve their enterprise objectives.  We also listened as customers told us a release or more a year is too much to consume. We hear you!  We have modified our policy to say releases will be, at the soonest, 18 months apart.  In seeking to ensure stability, quality and mitigate the potential for customers to encounter known issues, CA Workload Automation AE team has developed a fix forward strategy to minimize unique code bases, code fragmentation and procedural misses while trying to retro fix pieces of functionality. 


We are proud to share our investment in quality assurance testing.  In October of 2014, our top technical experts overhauled CA Workload Automation AE’s quality assurance environment.  SWAT leaders shared customer insights, support teams identified areas of the product customers most often struggled with, R&D identified the spaces where the most code changes have been required and select customers provided detailed configuration, implementation and projected growth patterns with us.  We harnessed all of this knowledge to set up CA Workload Automation AE’s test environment to Run Like a Customer!  We focused this effort on our premier releases r11.3.6 and r11.3.5.  Since this effort, CA has shipped zero “bad” fixes and zero regressions.  We are committed to your success, stability of your environment, quality and resiliency.  Our team will continue with efforts to Run Like a Customer.


Our team is about to commence on the r12 journey and we want it to be the best experience possible for you.  We’ve recently solicited your ideas and look forward to hearing about your enterprise needs.  R12 will be developed with the customer centric priorities described above and testing in our lab which Runs Like a Customer.  To ensure you have information readily available to you, all r12 documentation will appear on  Your input means everything, please do join us on our journey to add value and create products that meet your needs.  You can register at and join CA Technology during sprint reviews to share your insights during the development process.

We look forward to continuing to partner with you!



Nicole Fagen & Mark Warren

CA Technologies

Sr. Directors, IT Orchestration