Tech Tip NV - Custom Dataset not working at one Poller

Document created by DavidM Employee on May 7, 2015
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This is a case where the new dataset fails to get added to any of the devices at the Poller.


Remote into the Poller and open the Console.

Set the Topology service for Logging Level: Normal (Verbose).

Open the Event Log via > Tools > Event Log.

Right click on the device > Rediscover.

Look for the lines with the Description starting with the dataset's MIB.mibTable.


This is an example of normal rediscovery where no applicable poll instances were found.

CHECKPOINT_MIB.fwPolicyStat started for '':'public'

select fwPolicyStat.fwPolicyName from '':'public'@CHECKPOINT_MIB.fwPolicyStat fwPolicyStat

CHECKPOINT_MIB.fwPolicyStat completed with 0 instances (0 changes) for '':'public'


This is an example of an error relating to a MC to Poller sync problem.

CHECKPOINT_MIB.fwPolicyStat failed for '':'public': [RedPoint][SnmpQL Driver] Invalid table for column


New datasets created at the NV MC may not always sync down to a Poller correctly. The problem could be with the new MIBs or the dataset details.


To copy down the MIB tables from the MC to the Poller remote connect into the Poller.


First edit this mysqldump command, replacing 'YOUR_NVMC_HOST_OR_IP' with either the MC System Name or IP Address, and then run it.

mysqldump.exe -h YOUR_NVMC_HOST_OR_IP -u netqos -pnetqos nms2 mib_modules mib_oids mib_tables table_indices type_defaults type_elems type_enums type_objects type_ranges type_sizes module_exports module_imports module_types module_values > nvmcmibs.sql


Now run this command to import the tables into the Poller database.

mysql.exe nms2 < nvmcmibs.sql


Now run this command for the Poller to pick up the change.



If the problem still exists use these steps to copy down the dataset details from the MC to the Poller.

Remote into the MC and load the Console.

Go to Config > Polling > Datasets and on the right select the Dataset and click Export.

The dataset details will be saved to a file named in the format of <datasetName.ddl>

copy the ddl file to the Poller.


This is the beginning of a sample ddl file.

--  This DDL script can be used to re-create a dataset on another NetVoyant

--  system by importing these definitions into the new system using the

--  following commands:


--      mysql < c:\NetVoyant\brdcast.ddl

--      tblgen brdcast


At the Poller open a command wiindow to the location of the file and run the mysql command to add it into the database and then run the tblgen command to create the tables for the historical data.

mysql < brdcast.ddl

tblgen brdcast


Now for it to take effect.

Close the Console.


Open the Console

Locate the device and run Rediscovery again.