Script to create CCC tablespaces, CCC user name and Grant Privileges

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Important : Please go through the below content before using the attached script.


The content below is the extract from CCC 2.8 installation guide, you will also find the attached SQL script useful that will help you create CCC tablespaces, CCC user name and Grant Privileges to the oracle user.


You must ensure that the Oracle database is installed and configured before installing Capacity Command Center (CCC). CCC does not require any changes to the Oracle configuration default settings to run.


1. Consult your database administrator to obtain information about the Oracle database.

2. The values used in the sql file are minimum installation values. Enterprise implementations typically require larger values than the minimum. Please work with your CA Technical Services contact to determine appropriate implementation architecture and sizing for your environment.

3. The example script shows the statements that can be used to create the CCC table spaces. You can modify them to suit your own requirements. The path shown for the data files directory is an example only. Check with your database administrator for the path used in your environment.


The Capacity Command Center database user requires the following permissions, the attached SQL file may not cover all of these permissions below, please work with your Oracle Database Administrator before using this file.

  • READ access to Oracle dictionary objects, including user_table and dual.
  • CONNECT, ANALYZE ANY, CREATE VIEW, CREATE JOB, and RESOURCE privileges to the database user name.
  • EXECUTE permission on the DBMS_RANDOM package.
  • EXECUTE permission for the DBMS_XMLGEN package.
  • EXECUTE permission for the DBMS_OUTPUT package.
  • EXECUTE permission on the DBMS_SCHEDULER package.

Important: The process that is responsible for purging the data in the staging tables is dependent on the DBMS_SCHEDULER package. Without the EXECUTE privilege, the daily purge process will not be able to purge data in the staging tables.


Permissions for partitioning:

To run the partitioning process, the CCC user must have the following privilege in addition to the other required permissions:

  • Executive privilege on the DBMS_METADATA package
  • Explicitly granted CREATE TABLE privilege

Important: The CREATE TABLE privilege must be granted explicitly to the CCC user using the following command:


grant create table to <cccuser>;

A CREATE TABLE privilege granted through the CCC user's role privileges is not adequate.

For information about other requirements for partitioning, see the Capacity Command Center Database Partitioning User Guide.