Tech Tip NV - 'No Data Returned' Polling Failures.

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Polling failures doe to 'No Data Returned' alarms can often be prevented by adding the isGet property to the device.


Remote into the Poller and open the Console

Groups tab

Select the device



Name: isGet

Value: 1

click OK

Rediscover the Device


By default NV will use Get-Request and Get-BulkRequest for SNMP Polling. Adding the isGet = 1 property configures NV so it will only use the Get-Request for this device.


If a device is a poor at responding to SNMP polling such as a Nexus then the Get-BulkRequest will result in the device not being able to send a response with the data for all the OIDs. With isGet it sends a Get-Request for each one and typically correct data is always returned.


When the NV MIB Browser successfully gets a response then almost always the isGet property will get NV working. This is because the MIB Browser only uses Get-RequestGet-Request.


It is recommended to only use the isGet property at a device level since it does result in a significant increase in network traffic.