Release Automation KB: Jenkins Plugin Job Fails with Null Pointer Exception

Document created by JamesPanetti Employee on May 18, 2015
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Applies to all supported versions.


When attempting to build a Jenkins job using the Release Automation Jenkins Plugin, the following error occurs:


[job-xxxx-jobServer-xxxx-10:Jenkins - Build a Job in Jenkins] ERROR (com.nolio.platform.shared.executables.actions.jenkins.BuildJobJenkinsAction:197) - Error occured during BuildJobJenkinsAction execution.



Release Automation cannot contact the machine running Jenkins.





There are a number of possible problems that can result in this issue, thus one or more of the below solutions may apply:


  • Ensure the latest version of the Jenkins Action Pack is installed.
  • Check that all prerequisites are met for the Jenkins plugin as detailed in the product documentation (available via the Release Automation Product Documentation wiki).
  • Verify that all machines running Jenkins mapped to the DNS server. The hostname must be mapped to its IP address on the DNS server or it will not connect to the host machine.
  • Instead of relying on DNS for the hostname, use IP address of the Jenkins machine.
  • From the agent machine, test to make sure it can connect to [hostname]:[port] and [IP address]:[port] of the Jenkins machine.