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Document created by cdtj Champion on May 20, 2015
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SPEL code is a powerful tool to reach any goals but it still not documented. So most of it is written by trial and errors.

So here I want to share my resolution for most common action: Update one object caused by another.

Here is my latest version of function to make it (Entire function is added as attachment).


Usage example (with comments):

macro::upd_val("iss",                          // object factory
               format("id=%d",other_issue_id), // where clause to get object (or objects)
               30,                             // delay to new retry if first iteration fails
               3,                              // amount of retries
               "summary",                      // attribute to update
               "test 1",                       // new value  
               "description",                  // another attr 
               "test 2",                       // another value  
               "z_etc_param",                  // amount of attributes that can be updated in 1 iteration is infinite  
               "here is etc value");           // value can be string, integer or anything else.



Hope this helps to resolve common tasks and makes SPEL code easier to understand.

Any comments or suggestions are welcome!

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