Tech Tip: Clean up NQRPTR database after upgrade from RA to NFA to prevent upgrade issues

Document created by sigju01 Employee on May 21, 2015
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In RA 9.0.161 and prior, RA stored 15 minute data in the NQRPTR database either on the DSA or Standalone RA Server.  Once you upgrade to NFA (9.1.3 / 9.1.4) the NQRPTR does a post upgrade migration that may take several days.  During this upgrade process we are taking the interface data tables from the NQRPTR folder and converting them into flat files that will be stored in the ReaperArchive15 folder.

Once the Migration completes there is a large chance that there may be some left over orphaned data tables in the NQRPTR database.

Leaving these files can cause issues when upgrading to NFA 9.3.0 / 9.3.1.  Even if you are not upgrading it can still take up a substantial amount of space in “<installdir> \mysql51\data\nqrptr”.


First verify the Historical Data Migration has completed by running the query below and see if you get a valid time stamp:

mysql -P3308 -D nqrptr -t -e "select from_unixtime(value) from settings where name='migrationCompletedTime';

If that returns a valid time stamp follow the steps below.


This is what the NQRPTR folder will look like before making any changes if you have orphaned tables:

  • To resolve this issue please sort by ‘Name’ and select/delete ALL files with the exception of the “settings.*” and “revision_history.*” 6 files.


It should look like this once it is completed: