Tech Tip: How to integrate Network Flow Analysis(NFA)  9.3.1 with Unified Infrastructure Management(UIM) 8.2 and where to find NFA data.

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With the release of CA Network Flow Analysis 9.3.1, NFA can now be integrated with UIM 8.2 through the nfa_invnetory probe.

This document will aid you in setting up the NFA integration with UIM, help you understand where you can see NFA data in UIM, and provide some basic troubleshooting steps that can be used after setting up this integration.



Setting up the Integration:

The NFA Integration documentation should be reviewed before starting attempting to setup the integration.

The steps below will aid you in following the NFA documentation to help you setup the nfa_inventory probe.

1. Install UIM 8.2, UMP 8.2, deploy Robots, and install the SNMP Collector probe on the same HUB that will have the nfa_inventory probe following the UIM 8.2 Installation Guide.


2. Once UIM is fully installed you will need to open the UIM Admin console which should be a URL like:




3. Go to the "Archive->Web Archive" and make sure your credentials are set for the site to allow you to access and download probes from the "Web Archive" by clicking on the key icon, entering your log in credentials and clicking "Save".



4. Download the "nfa_inventory" probe by entering "nfa" in the search bar on the right hand side of the "Web Archive" page.

You should see "nfa_inventory" in the package column.

Select the check box next to the "nfa_inventory" package, and then click "Download".

This will download the probe into your "Local Archive".



5. Once the download completes, click on the "Local Archive" tab and use the search bar again to search for "nfa" and you should then see the "nfa_inventory" package listed here.

Then, either select the "nfa_inventory" package and either select the check box for robot on the left hand side for which you wish to deploy the probe and click "Deploy", or simply drag and drop the "nfa_inventory" probe on to the robot you wish to deploy this probe to.



6. Once the deployment completes click on the "Infrastructure" tab on top of the page and click on the robot server where you deployed the "nfa_inventory" probe to in the previous step.

In the search bar enter "nfa" and you should now see the "nfa_inventory" probe in the list of probes.

To configure, click the down arrow next to the "nfa_inventory" probe, and select "Configure" like below:



7. Once in the "Configure" screen, click the three dots on the right hand side of the screen and select "+ Add NFA Console".


Then enter the hostname or IP address of the NFA console in the dialog box, and click "Submit".



8. At this point the "nfa_inventory" probe is connected to your NFA Console and you should start to see NFA devices and interfaces populated into UIM.


Viewing NFA data in UMP:

1. To view NFA data in UIM, you must launch the UMP site, which should have a URL like http://<UMP_Server_IP/

2. In UMP you will go to the "Home" page which should be "Unified Service Manager"(USM).

3. In a new environment an easy way to find NFA devices would be to look under the "Inventory->Automatic" section.

4. Find and click on a device that is known to be collecting data in NFA.

**Note** that you may see "No metrics found" on the device level which is normal behavior, as the NFA data will only be seen at the interface level.

You will need to click on the "Interfaces" tab and select an interface in order to see NFA data.



5. If the interface has data in NFA you will see the following views in UMP:

"Top 5 Hosts -Summary (last 24 hours)"

"Top 5 Conversations -Summary (last 24 hours)"

"Stacked Protocol Trend - In" chart for the top 5 protocols

"Stacked Protocol Trend - Out" chart for the top 5 protocols




6. If you hover over the top right corner of any of these views, it will allow you to drill down into that device directly in NFA.


Basic Troubleshooting:

  • If you see "No metrics Found" for an interface, verify that you see data in the NFA web page for the last 24 hours for that interfaces.


  • If you are not seeing any NFA devices/interfaces populated in UIM, check the UIM Admin Console page, find the "nfa_inventory" probe, click the down arrow and select "View Log" and look for any Errors.


The log file will display in the "Log Viewer" where you can select "Follow Tail" to tail the log, or you can download the log.




You can also check the logs NFA Connsole server for any errors in the following two logs:

    \<Install Dir>\Reporter\logs\ConsoleErrorsLog*.log

\<Install Dir>\Reporter\logs\WebServicesQueryLog*.log

  •     To recycle the "nfa_inventory" probe  go to the UIM Admin Console page, find the "nfa_inventory" probe, click the down arrow and select "Restart".



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