CA Performance Management Office Hours Transcript - June 2015

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Chat transcript from Office Hours for CA Performance Management - June 2015 which took place on June 2, 2015.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Good Morning! Thank you for joining Office Hours for Performance Management. We will get started in about 5 minutes.

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Alright - let's get started! You can start asking your questions right here in the chat box. Don't forget to send to: everyone!

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: Good Morning Everyone (from New England)  - This is my first community office hours so thanks for your patience in advance

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: I am joined by members of our field (SWAT) team, presales, and engineering so you are in good company - feel free to ask any question - i would offer you a coffee but you will have to come to portsmouth NH which you are always welcome

Mark to Everyone: Hello, when is the next version of CA PC targeted to be released?

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: Hi @Mark - This week we begin early access installations of CA PM 2.5 and CA MM 2.5 - if all goes well we will post to support online and send out our GA announcement

John to Everyone: Is there a way to display a "URL" for multiple views into 1 URL? Right now CA PC can allow you generate a URL but for only 1 report within a dashboard.

Roberto Borges to Everyone: Hi, Where can I find the best practices for CA products instead of opening any ticket in Support area ?

venu to Everyone: HI, In my infra for some interface utilization (IN and OUt) is showing abnormal like 100000Mbps, but the circuit is 100Mbps.

John to Everyone: Maybe something for the experts for future enhancements - a URL to display an entire dashboard.. ie something like an status board that can be linked to vs having to log into (display on large monitor)...

Chris Bjork to Everyone: @Venu - There can be several different causes for the utilization values. Your best bet is to open a support ticket to investigate.

John to Everyone: Also - addition of logos to display on active dashboard and not just printed pdf...

Michael Poller to Everyone: @John - I do know coming with 2.5 you'll be able to create Portrait, or Landscape  based PDFs of Dashboards but not sure whats coming in the future for URL creation of full Dashboards vs. the current option for Views only.

Bernard Clairmont to Everyone: @venu you can adjust the speed of the interface in the DA if you look at the device and the select the interface to adjust the speed if it was discovered or is displayed incorrectly. Sometimes that happens when a interface is rate limited.

Michael Poller to Everyone: @venu you may also desire within the review of that problem to examine the values of the devices MIB for that given interface at the index it lives on. Do the MIB values match the devices configured speeds? IM collects from the MIB and there are times when the MIB value doesn't match the configured value on the devices interface - but as @Chris mentioned further discussion of that is best done with support in an open case

John to Everyone: @Michael Poller Thank you - more printing options would be nice as well - some reports (Scorecards) do not view well once printed.

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: @Roberto we are doing two things to help customers with best practices. First we are aligning our products to a new online documentation / knowledge format and we are working to improve not only the format (easier to navigate) but also the content - the second thing we are doign is recording you tube videos and embedding these as well in the documentation

Michael Poller to Everyone: @John, indeed, thats the very reason Landscape mode was added. The URL for Dashboards is a great idea, I know I like it. Might be worth a CA Infrastructure Management Community forum Idea post for consideration in future product releases.

fassil to Everyone: Hi We have been facing issue with the CAPC most of the time when we open any dashboard widget no data gets populated however both DA and DC demons are up and running.

fassil to Everyone: The only option we have to bounce the service - not sure this is the known bug with 2.3 version of CAPC

Michael Poller to Everyone: @fassil, that doesn't sound quite right and there are many possible causes for that so it is worth opening a case for investigation.

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: @John special attention was given to the scorecard views when printed in PDF (Landscape) in the CA PM 2.5 release - if after you upgrade you want us to change further - please let us know

John to Everyone: Additionally - more enhancements between Spectrum and CA PC integration.. We can add devices easily via the default domain - but removal of devices (decommissions or the alike) would be nice. Right now its a manual remove from Spectrum and again in CA PC.

Michael Poller to Everyone: @fassil, though if you are running 2.3,x old releases, you may be better served by an upgrade and then re-examining the system to see if that problem remains. Lots of great changes in the newer releases, especially around reporting, performance and stability of the product.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: @all:  here is the link to where you can post an idea in the community:

John to Everyone: @Daniel Holmes - I look forward to the updates - Thank you

fassil to Everyone: We have open the multiple cases  with the support unfortunately we have not got the permenent fix for this issue. We have provided all the requested logs from PC /DA /DC and DR using remoteenineer scrips

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: @John I am going to try and track down a sample PDF from 2.5 scorecards and send to you this morning

John to Everyone: @Daniel Holmes Thank you

Michael Poller to Everyone: @fassil, What release are you running? What are the case numbers so I can take a look at them if you'd like?

fassil to Everyone: @ Micheal we are using

Michael Poller to Everyone: @fassil, that is a rather old release, with 2.3.3, 2.3.4, 2.4.0 and 2.4.1 out, and 2.5 about to be released.

Melissa Potvin to Everyone: Hi Everyone, if you just joined us here on office hours, this is a webex chat event. Our support team is standing by ready to answer your questions!

Michael Poller to Everyone: @fassil, it would be in your best interest to get upgraded to a newer release as that is such an old release, many problems you face, or probably have and haven't even yet noticed, would be fixed.

venu to Everyone: Hi All

We have been facing issue with the CAPC most of the time when we open any dashboard widget no data gets populated in 2.4 and after bounce the services it will work and have opened multiple case with CA but we did not get any permanent fix for this issue.

fassil to Everyone: @ micheal can we directly upgrade from 2.3 to 2.5?

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: @Roberto and everyone else - i just checked and if you guys would like to take a look at the new documentation for 2.5 is should be accesible here

Roberto Borges to Everyone: @Daniel Holmes I am so glad to hear that thank you

Michael Poller to Everyone: @venu, what specific 2.4 release do you run? 2.4.0? 2.4.1 with a monthly kit? (Help->About from CAPC will show the full four octet release to determine that answer)

venu to Everyone: @michael 2.4.1

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: @fassil we are double checking that 2.3.2 can upgrade direct from 2.5

Michael Poller to Everyone: @venu, what are the case(s) that were opened?

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: @fassil 'upgrade direct TO 2.5' (typo)

venu to Everyone: @michael do you want me to share the case numbers ?

Michael Poller to Everyone: @venu, yes that is fine if you are comfortable with it.

John Murdough to Everyone: You should be able to upgrade your 2.3.2 release to 2.5

Michael Poller to Everyone: @venu, can also email them direct to me if more comfortable at

venu to Everyone: @michael Sure, will do it!!

Daniel Holmes to Everyone: @fassil please see John's note that you should be able to upgrade from 2.3.2 to 2.5 directly - there has been a lot of changes to the architecture and features and

@Bernie from CA is going to send you an e-mail to offer assistance with the upgrade

Melanie Giuliani to Everyone: Hi all – that’s it for today. Thanks for joining! The transcript will be posted to the community later today.